Videos: Waffle tossing at the ACC … Doughty gets speared … Carkner flicks blood at Rangers bench?

There were a trio of videos from last night that are worth taking a look at. 2 incidents may result in suspensions.

Maple Leafs fans toss waffles on the ice after another loss.

Drew Doughty gets speared in the mid section by Flames forward Rene Bourque.

Matt Carkner flicking blood on the Rangers bench after getting bloodied in a fight?

Follow the below link to see the videos (posting videos this way to help speed up page loading time)

Waffle Tossing at the ACC after another Toronto Maple Leafs loss:

Drew Doughty gets speared by Rene Bourque:

Matt Carkner’s ‘flicking’ blood motion towards the Rangers bench:

I don’t know anymore what hockey players are thinking. Surely their brains are not workin’ right. Flicking BLOOD @ players on the Bench,sick,sick people. A lengthly Suspension for that is the only way to go here. He Carkner could have something in his Blood that CAN get into another players blood and that would be very Scary..

  • The chances of that happening are, well, barely even possible, especially since there was not very much blood. I agree it was a pretty gross thing to do, wtf was he thinking?

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