Turris asks for trade … Reimer has concussion according to the Monster … Gudbranson stays … Regin out 6-8 weeks
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: Kyle Turris’ agent, Kurt Overhardt, confirms that Turris has asked Coyotes for a trade.

    “This has never been about money, we’ve been upfront with the club from Day 1,” Overhardt told ESPN.com Thursday. “We’ve respectfully requested that the player had the opportunity to move forward in his career by having a fresh start.”

    Coyotes GM Don Maloney in an email today:

    “The CBA gives us certain rights to Turris and we are exercising our rights,” Maloney told ESPN.com in an email Thursday. “There will be a point in the future Turris will have the right to decide who he wants to play for and how much he will accept.

    “He is not at this stage, given his age and experience. If he wants to play in the NHL this season, he will re-sign with us. We will not trade his rights under any circumstances and are prepared to live with the consequences if he decides to sit out this, and future, seasons.”

    If Turris doesn’t sign by Dec. 1st, he can’t play this season.

  • Rob Longley via twitter: Ben Scrivens will back up Jonas Gustavsson tonight. James Reimer is still not ready. James Mirtle via twitter: Gustavsson called Reimer’s injury a concussion, which is not what the team has been saying. James Mirtle via twitter: Ron Wilson says that team doctors haven’t called Reimer’s injury a concussion, that he’s 90+%, and that they are just being cautious with him. David Alter via twitter: The Maple Leafs can’t put Reimer on the IR retroactively since it’s only been 5 days. The Leafs have used both their emergency call-ups for the year. Chris Johnston via twitter: Johnston notes the Leafs failure to sign a proven backup is coming into question with the injury to Reimer. James Mirtle via twitter: With Tim Connolly in the lineup, Nazem Kadri has been sent to the AHL.
  • Ian Mendes via twitter: Senators forward Peter Regin will be out 6 to 8 weeks rehabbing his shoulder, no surgery.
  • Andy Strickland via twitter: League sources say there haven’t been any financial issues with the ownership situation in St. Louis. Meaning the Blues are not currently in need of the NHL’s assistance to make payroll etc.
  • Tim Wharnsby via twitter: “Gauthier’s firing of Pearn was a message to Martin. Pearn and Martin are close friends. They worked together for 10+ years in OTT + MTL.”
  • James Gordon via twitter: Senators lines: Greening-Spezza-Michalek, Foligno-DaC-Alfredsson, Daugavins-Smith-Neil, Condra-Konopka-Winchester
  • John Vogl via twitter: Jhonas Enroth will start in net for the Sabres tonight against the Blue Jackets. Mike Weber is the odd man out on the blueline.

While Maloney is correct in a legal sense concerning the CBA, I hope he realizes that he’s not exactly showing an attractive place for players to be drafted, or to sign. After witnessing this, I’d tell the Coyotes not to draft me because I’d refuse to play for a team that treats their players with little respect.

That being said, c’mon Leafs! Antè up!

  • i dunno if he is a good fit for the leafs. we already have a host of slightly better centres, that have their own issues (injury). turris at this point is a 3rd line centre…

    i dont really think the market is good for turris.. who the fuck is he to demand a trade at 22 years old with like .25 points per game avg.

  • also.. phoenix is already a horrible place to play… barring relocation to quebec of course.. and i think u can view turris` holdout decision as disrespect to the organization. turris just seems like a cry baby. he is making good money at the nhl level… why is he putting his career and progress on hold by pulling this stunt

  • I’m not a fan of what he is doing. I wonder if this is mostly his agent saying we’re holding out and will try to force a trade. It just seems to me that there could have been other avenues to try to get traded out of Phoenix.

    It’s hard to put a trade value on him. Sure he was a top 3 pick, but hasn’t proved himself as a top 6 NHLer (top 9 on some teams).

  • I don’t exactly understand why his point totals have been so low, but it’s said that he’s been asked to change his game–go from offensive-minded to 100% defensive minded. If this is true (I honestly don’t know), that would explain his lack of production.

    His +/- is pretty atrocious given the number of games he’s played, but his second year saw a +15 improvement from the year previous, so he is developing in at least one area.

    I don’t exactly agree with what Turris is doing, but as a GM, Maloney has done a pretty poor job of keeping this quiet and, as mentioned before, selling Phoenix as an organization to play for.

    Also, maybe Turris wants out of Phoenix because there’s other issues we don’t know about? With all the relocation and bankruptcy talk, who would want to play for them? It’s not too dissimilar to what’s going on with the Dodgers and the MLB (except this isn’t as much of a soap opera).

  • Well Turris’s stats are low according to people who have the time to calculate icetimes and stuff that he just doesn’t get icetime and special teams. Same with every young guy under Tippett it seems. Looks like Boedker is a beast but the better he plays the lower he gets in lines.
    Tippetts tactic in starving Phoenix is to hold out the slow death long enough and apparently that is more difficult with young guys on board.

    Recent top prospect in Phoenix:
    Turris – wants a trade
    Tikhonov – went to russia
    MacLean – to winnipeg via waivers!!
    If Boedker doesn’t get more icetime he will be gone too unless he is smart and waits for the seasons end thats probably the last in phoenix.

    I’m no expert but that organization doesn’t seem that appealable to me especially as a up and coming prospect :S

  • thanks for the insightn joonas..

    i can see your points.. but u gotta give tippet credit when u take into consideration some of the great seasons he had with phoenix, even with limited talent.

    personally i still would have prefered turris to stick it out. if he ends up being a better defensive player because of it, then thats ok.. most young guys have to learn to play in different roles.. and a young guy cant dictate the style of play, or cry wolf because he doesnt want to play a coaches system

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