NHL Rumors: Will Pastrnak’s Injury Change The Bruins Deadline Approach?

NHL Rumors: Will Pastrnak’s Injury Change The Bruins Deadline Approach?

Bob McKenzie thinks David Pastrnak's injury may cause some urgency, but GM Don Sweeney says they won't change their approach.
Is urgency hitting the Bruins after the Pastrnak injury news?

TSN: Bob McKenzie on if David Pastrnak‘s injury will add urgency to the Boston Bruins plan to add at the trade deadline.

“I would think it does, now general manager Don Sweeney of the Boston Bruins said on Tuesday that it doesn’t change anything, but what else are you going to say? You don’t want to tell people or advertise that we’re really desperate, we just lost a first-line scoring winger on a team that was already looking for a second-line scoring winger or a third-line centre.”

Fluto Shinzawa of The Athletic: The Bruins cost to acquire Columbus Blue Jackets Artemi Panarin could be a first-round pick, Trent Frederic and either Ryan Donato or Urho Vaakaneinen.

Steve Conroy: The Bruins need to add something but it doesn’t need to be Artemi Panarin. He doesn’t appear to be sold on Boston.

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe: Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeny had already been talking to teams before the Pastrnak injury news broke.

“We were already looking and making calls to see whether or not we could add to the group in the right situation,” Sweeney acknowledged late Tuesday morning during his news conference that revealed Pastrnak will be sidelined for at least two weeks.

“I can look at it two ways: we’re going to get a healthy player back at some point in time . . . ”

Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald: GM Sweeney has been talking to teams over the past month to see who might be available. Pastrnak’s injury isn’t going to change their approach ahead of the deadline.

“(The injury) doesn’t change my approach at all. I’ve been having calls for a month now, if not longer … trying to identify teams (that could be trade partners),” Sweeney said. “And you can imagine the jockeying going on everywhere with some teams that are in. And some teams don’t know. They’ll take it right to the deadline. That may happen. We’ve been looking to do something, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.”

In the past, Sweeney has added a least one piece at the deadline. Adding a rental hasn’t been ruled out.

“I’d like to invest with somebody who is going to be with us, but I’d like the best player to impact our lineup as well,” he said.