NHL Rumors VI: Thornton, Rangers, Flames, Cammalleri and Phaneuf

NHL Rumors VI: Thornton, Rangers, Flames, Cammalleri and Phaneuf

  • David Pollak: “Understand skepticism and disbelief surrounding #SJSharks “rebuild,” but that is the message. Yea, could be just diminishing expectations.  Or getting someone — pick a name — to agree to waive a no-movement clause. #SJSharks seem to be serious about that.”
  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean: “It seems that right now Joe Thornton only really wants to go to 1 team & that’s NY . That’s the scuttlebutt”
  • Hope Smoke: Nick Kypreos: “Joe’s interesting because he signed that extension & there is some talk that Wilson told him he isn’t going anywhere” … “Now he’s hearing that he is being shopped. Is the push to move him ? Ya, it is” … “When you make a commitment to your GM to bring him back there’s only way you can go to show fans your progressing & moving forward and that’s to change the personnel in your locker room.” … “Say what you will about Joe. I look at Joe now at this point of his career & I put him in that Iginla category” … “The last thing Joe needs, & that’s why the Leafs aren’t an option, is for him to go to a team where he’s THE guy” … “I probably think a Stl situation is good for Thornton. They need to get bigger. They can’t compete with just Backes”
  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean: “In NY Thornton would have to be the guy. Stepan’s a good #2 and Brassard is a real good #3”
  • Kristen Odland of the Calgary Herald: Flames GM Brad Treliving wouldn’t comment on if they would use a compliance buyout on anyone. Qualifying offer to their UFAs and RFAs haven’t been sent out yet as …

    “For no other reason because we have time to do that.”

    On contract talks with pending UFA Mike Cammalleri.

    “No real update,” Treliving said. “We’re continuing to talk to see if there’s a deal there and if there is, we’ll announce it and if there’s not, we won’t. Not a whole lot to report. We’re continuing to see if there’s a deal there that makes sense.”

  • Arash Madani: Flames president Brian Burke: “There have been no discussions between the Toronto Maple and the Calgary Flames about Dion Phaneuf” … “It’s not tampering to diffuse a rumour. It’s tampering to talk about it, but I can tell you there have been no (talks) like that.”