NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Islanders

NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Islanders

Will Mark Hunter remain with the Toronto Maple Leafs now that Kyle Dubas has been named GM?


On the Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager search

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: Bob McKenzie was on TSN 1050 talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs GM search.

McKenzie said that only Mark Hunter knows if he would stay with the Maple Leafs if he’s passed over and Kyle Dubas gets the GM position (was just announced by the Maple Leafs that Dubas has been named their GM). Many think that Hunter would pursue other opportunities if he’s not named GM, though that is just speculation.

On the Toronto Maple Leafs …

Darren Dreger: Dan Milstein said on TSN 1050 that Igor Ozhiganov will make a decision within two weeks and it will be either the Maple Leafs or re-signing in the KHL.

On Lou Lamoriello to the New York Islanders speculation …

Andy Graziano: (Wednesday night) Have been told the Islanders hadn’t spoken with Lou Lamoriello. It was made quite clear that the “owner you’ve never heard from is calling all the plays.”

Andy Graziano: Even though the Islanders hadn’t spoken to Lamoriello it doesn’t mean that they won’t talk to him.

Chris Nichols of FRS Hockey: Darren Dreger was on TSN 1040 and they were talking about speculation of Toronto Maple Leafs Lou Lamoriello joining his son on Long Island and how it “makes too much sense.”

“Yeah, it kind of does,” agreed NHL Insider Darren Dreger during a Thursday segment on Vancouver’s TSN 1040. “It’s funny. I just checked on that earlier today. They’re trying to keep it as hush-hush as possible, but the sense is out there – from the sources I’m talking to anyway – that there is dialogue that’s happening between Lou Lamoriello and the New York Islanders.

“What no one can quite pinpoint is what exactly is the job they’re talking to him about. Is he going to be the Grand Poobah of hockey operations – the big overseer president, if you will. And if so, does that in fact save the job of Garth Snow.”

Dreger adds that there appears to be ongoing talks between the Islanders ownership and Lamoriello.