NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators and Kyle Turris

NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators and Kyle Turris

Do the Ottawa Senators look to trade pending free agent Kyle Turris before the NHL trade deadline?
On the Ottawa Senators …

TSN: Darren Dreger when asked where he thinks pending UFA center Kyle Turris and the Ottawa Senators are headed.

“I think it’s headed to trade. Trade seems likely. I’m not suggesting it’s imminent, it’s going to happen this week, next month, but before the February 26th trade deadline? Yes.

And the simple reason is there has been a fair bit of dialogue between Senators management and the agent who represents Kyle Turris dating back to early July or late June.

Kyle Turris wants to commit long-time, long-term to the Ottawa Senators. We’re about taking seven-, eight-year term. So far the Sens haven’t been willing to do that. So they can not allow an important piece like Kyle Turris to walk out as an unrestricted free agent.

The issue is, how do you replace him.”

Mike Johnson continues on Turris, wondering how the Senators would replace an important piece like Turris.

“Well, I get the sentiment is not want to sign a guy to his mid-thirties. It’s rare that teams do that, to an important player, they don’t want to go deep with him like that. And if you do let him walk away, what are you going to do to replace him?

That’s the bind that Ottawa has because┬áhe’s such an important player, plays in all situations.”

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