NHL Rumors: Deadline Fallout – Senators, Karlsson, and the Golden Knights

NHL Rumors: Deadline Fallout – Senators, Karlsson, and the Golden Knights

The Ottawa Senators would make Erik Karlsson a contract extension offer if he's with the after July 1st

On the Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson and the Vegas Golden Knights …

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Erik Karlsson said he’s happy that he wasn’t traded and is open to the idea of signing a long-term extension with the Senators if he fits into their long-term plans.

“I love this city, I love this community, I love everything about it,” Karlsson said. “I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve made Ottawa my home and it’s always going to be my home. When that time comes, I hope there’s a place for me in the future and this team is going in the direction that I would like for us to have a chance in the near future.”

Karlsson adds how stressful it’s been with the rumors and also that his wife is also pregnant and they just bought a new house in Ottawa.

“I never wanted to leave. I never had any say in that,” Karlsson said. “That’s a different part of the business that I can’t control. Hearing your name being thrown around as much as it was is very stressful and not something I enjoyed going through.”

Teams will likely want to restart trade talks with the Senators again this offseason. GM Pierre Dorion did say that if Karlsson is with the Senators after July 1st, they will make a contract extension offer to him.

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 650 and was talking about Vegas Golden Knights, Ottawa Senators and Erik Karlsson and how the Golden Knights were in on him right until the end.

“I think it was potentially two first-round picks. I think Ottawa would have had the choice of one of their top prospects. And maybe another conditional pick, depending on whether or not Vegas signed him. I think that was kind of the backbone of the offer. And Ottawa decided not to.

“What I think is going on here is first of all, I think the Senators had some teams telling them, ‘We can’t do it now, but we can be in it at the draft and we’d be very interested.’ So I think that was something that came up.”

continue that were teams might end up in the draft lottery may allow the Senators to potentially maximize a deal. Some non-playoff teams may look for a quick turn around.

If the Senators keep their own first-round pick this year, they owe an unprotected pick to the Avalanche, and if they trade Karlson and others, there is a good chance they will be even worse next year.

believes the both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals were making a run at Karlsson.

“Basically guys, in the morning around noon I was told it wasn’t going to happen. Then at about 2:00, I got a ‘look out.’ I think Vegas was obviously the last team at the end. The key is that they were going to take Bobby Ryan. That was going to be part of it too.”