NHL Rumors: Islanders, Avalanche and Maple Leafs

NHL Rumors: Islanders, Avalanche and Maple Leafs

Matt Duchene and John Tavares
On the New York Islanders …

Arthur Staple: Sources are saying that John Tavares didn’t turn down an $84 million offer from the Islanders (report from 91.9 Sports in Montreal). The Islanders and Tavares have barely talked numbers.

Arthur Staple: Everyone that has spoken with continues to say it not about the money, but all about seeing how things progress with the arena and team before committing.

Arthur Staple: Guessing that contract negotiation¬†wouldn’t take long if/when Tavares sees what he needs to from the organization. Tavares is holding all the leverage.

Arthur Staple: If the Islanders get the approval and build on the Belmont Park site, Tavares may not play there that much, but he knows it would help the organization, which could matter to him.

Arthur Staple: If it takes the State up to 6 months to decide, the Islanders and Tavares are sure to know.

On the Colorado Avalanche …

Kevin Allen: (answering questions) Don’t see the Avalanche trading Matt Duchene by the start of training camp as it’s harder to move him now due to the number of teams that have salary cap issues. It’s confusing trying figure out what the Avs strategy is.

Kevin Allen: top three trade partners for the Avs are the Columbus Blue Jackets, Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens.

Kevin Allen: Do know that the Blue Jackets did try to acquire Duchene. The Avs are looking for a first round draft pick, quality young defenseman, a proven NHL player and a top prospect. Would that mean Ryan Murray and Boone Jenner?

On the Toronto Maple Leafs …

Andrey Osadchenko: Maple Leafs defenseman Nikita Zaitsev on Igor Ozhiganov in an interview with Sovetsky Sport.

“Igor asked my opinion. I told him he should sign with the Leafs. Actually, I was with him at one of the dinners he had with the Leafs representatives. I was even his interpreter. That’s just being a part of the Leafs organization. Not only you play in the NHL and build your career, but you also help others.”