NHL Rumors: On Playing Overseas Next Season and The Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL Rumors: On Playing Overseas Next Season and The Toronto Maple Leafs

James van Riemsdyk
On Playing Overseas Next Season …

Sportsnet Headlines: The NHL may be looking to announce their International plan for next season around the All-Star break. The NHL is considering sending six teams overseas next year.

More likely the Edmonton Oilers go to Germany. The Flames could be one of the teams that goes to China.

Nick Kypreos says the New Jersey Devils with Nico Hischier could be an option in Switzerland.

David Pagnotta: Hearing that the Los Angeles Kings could be an option playing in Germany. The Kings have a partnership with AEG-owned Eisbaren Berlin of the DEL.

On the Toronto Maple Leafs …

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 590 talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs and pending unrestricted free agent James van Riemsdyk.

“I think the thing with van Riemsdyk is, 1) He likes it here. 2) This year has only reaffirmed how valuable he is. I think we’ve all kind of wondered if there is a TJ Oshie style deal there where they give him term and he takes a little less average annual value. I think he wants to stay. I think they want him to stay.

The question is: How creative is everyone willing to get to make it happen? I don’t think they’ve talked a lot of contract this year unless they started recently. I think some of that is by design. I do think there is going to be a point where he, the team and his reps sit down and say, “Alright, is there a way we can do this?” Everybody is going to have to give up something, but is there a way they can do it?”

Friedman when asked if the Maple Leafs should trade van Riemsdyk at the deadline if they don’t have an extension in place.

“If I am Toronto and JVR is not signed by the deadline, I am keeping him, I am going for it, and I’ll deal with the fallout later. That’s the way I would look at it if I was them.

You keep him and you try. Maybe you succeed, maybe you don’t. I think, in this league right now, if you think you’ve got a chance to win, you go for it. I think Toronto looks at it like, “We’ve got two more years – this year and next – before we pay Matthews. We go for it.” I would do the same thing if I was them. If he walks, you wish him good luck and you move on, and you say, “We’ll do something else with the cap room.” Cap room is a very valuable commodity in this league. I think sometimes – and this is the case – I would rather take my chance. I don’t lose him for nothing – I take the cap room and I find something to do with that.”