NHL Rumors: Canadiens and Pacioretty … Blackhawks and Nalimov

NHL Rumors: Canadiens and Pacioretty … Blackhawks and Nalimov

No truth to a Max Pacioretty boycott because the trade rumors
No truth to the Pacioretty boycotting rumors

Renaud Lavoie: There were lots or rumblings yesterday about the possibility of winger Max Pacioretty boycotting the Montreal Canadiens training camp next month. looked into this idea and got the answer “No.”

TVA Sports: (google translate) The ‘rumors’ were that he would be holding out from camp because the trade rumors have affected him.

Jared Clinton of The Hockey News: The Carolina Hurricanes weren’t able to get a player that would immediately help them, nor a first round pick for Jeff Skinner.

The return the Hurricanes got could be a comparable for the Montreal Canadiens and Max Pacioretty. It can be argued that Pacioretty should have a bit more trade value than Skinner, but they are comparable. Pacioretty’s PPG and defensive play are better, but he’s three years older.

Both Pacioretty and Skinner have a year left on their deals, and re-signing Pacioretty will likely cost the team more than Skinner.

The Canadiens being able to get an impact player back for Pacioretty appears to be slim.

Blackhawks goalie prospect rescinds his trade request

Scott Powers of The Athletic: Chicago Blackhawks goaltender prospect Ivan Nalimov requested a trade earlier this offseason, but has since rescinded his trade request after his agent spoke with Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman and finding out their plans.

Nalimov’s agent Shumi Babaev:

“I talked to Stan Bowman and it was a good conversation,” Babaev said Monday morning. “ has a lot of goals for his season. He think he can play in the NHL. He’ll play one more season in the KHL and come to the NHL. It was a good conversation.

“We’re on the same page. We fix everything. It’s clear an understand for us. I said our position to him and him to me. I understand his thinking of the future of the team. Ivan is a prospect, not a bad prospect, I think a good prospect. For us, the NHL is priority No. 1 in the future. We agreed.”

Nalimov signed a one-year deal with Kunlun of the KHL with the hopes of being their No. 1 goalie.