NHL Rumors: Justin Faulk, Colton Parayko, and Max Pacioretty

NHL Rumors: Justin Faulk, Colton Parayko, and Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty and Justin Faulk
On Justin Faulk

Chris Nichols: Friedman on his podcast: “I had heard that Detroit had been in on Faulk, and I don’t think that’s gone away.”

Amir Basu: Friedman on his podcast: “I heard Chicago was in on Faulk, but the hang up there was Brandon Saad, Carolina wanted Saad and Chicago didn’t want to do that”

On Colton Parayko

Chris Nichols: Friedman on his podcast: “There’s been a strange undercurrent of rumor w/ Colton Parayko, that maybe St. Louis potentially might be willing to do something there. It was around the draft. It went away. It didn’t happen. It would take a huge price, but I think teams asked about it.”

Chris Nichols: Friedman continued: “I’m just curious. Doug Armstrong and Steve Yzerman are tight. I dunno. If Yzerman can’t get Karlsson, would he consider Parayko. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but I could see that being the type of fit that he would look to.”

On Max Pacioretty

Amir Basu: Friedman on his podcast: “I think Buffalo wanted to get wingers, they were in on James van Riemsdyk, they didn’t get him, they’ve been in on Max Pacioretty, I’m not sure he wants to go there”.

Amir Basu: Friedman said that the Montreal Canadiens asked the LA Kings multiple times for Gabriel Vilardi, and the Kings weren’t interested partially because of the age of their roster.

Amir Basu: Friedman on the Pacioretty trade talk to the Kings: “This is what I think happened, he was presented with an extension Thursday night, the Kings 1st RDer was going to be a part of that trade, he was also given a time limit to accept it, I think that’s what upset Pacioretty the most”.

Amir Basu: Friedman thinks the extension was for five or six years with a salary cap hit around $6 to $6.5 million. Pacioretty wasn’t happy with that.