NHL Rumors IV: Dion Phaneuf – Flames, Avalanche and Oilers

NHL Rumors IV: Dion Phaneuf – Flames, Avalanche and Oilers

  • Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun: Dion Phaneuf’s agent in an email.

    “Dion and I treat this information as simply rumours,” agent Don Meehan said in an e-mail. “As such, we don’t really feel obligated to comment further in this regard.”

    Sources saying the Leafs would listen to trade offers.

    “Nothing going on at this time.” Leafs GM Dave Nonis said in an e-mail regarding the captain.

  • Rosie DiManno of the Toronto Star: Leafs GM Dave Nonis hasn’t called anyone about Dion Phaneuf, but a few teams called Nonis at the trade deadline and more recently. There is definitely interest in Phaneuf. One GM thinks the Leafs could move Phaneuf without having to eat any of his salary. The Flames could be interested and have tons of salary cap space available.
  • Hope Smoke: Elliotte Friedman: “For whatever reason, the guy is a lightning rod. You either really like him or you really hate him” … “I look at Phaneuf just generally as a player and there aren’t too many NHL D that are better than him.” … “If you’re compiling a list of top 30 NHL D Dion is right around there” … “I always believed that when the Leafs signed him to that deal, he would be traded at some point” … “I think the Leafs knew he was coming up as a UFA and if they traded him they wouldn’t get a lot for him.” … “Now I think they have a better chance of getting something for him if they do decide to trade him ” … “I did think they would trade Phaneuf but I didn’t think it would be this quickly”Elliotte Friedman: “The Phaneuf rumours could mean a couple of things. 1, Nonis thinks highly of him & Shanahan doesn’t. 2) they’re testing his value. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to get traded. 3) Maybe they’re thinking of taking the C away from him & they don’t want to go through with it b/c it will be too distracting”Elliotte Friedman: “Internally/external debate in this market that maybe the best thing for Dion is to have him not worry about the C but just play.” … “That’s a difficult thing to sell in the media because it is a story and a distraction.” … “I think Phaneuf is a pretty good defenseman, I do. When you compare him to the rest of the group in the NHL” … “A couple of years ago they took the C off Marleau and gave it to Thornton. Big diff to do it in SJ & in Toronto.” … “I think there is a chance that the Leafs don’t go with a captain next year. That Leafs go with three guys wearing an “A” and Shanahan and everybody else says: OK guys, prove to me who the captain is.”

    Elliotte Friedman: “I think I can see Phaneuf being a fit in Alberta. Burke is in Calgary & I don’t think CGY needs him as much as Edmonton.” … “Phaneuf is from Edmonton and I think they would have a lot of interest in Phaneuf.” … “Colorado is another team in west that stands out to me. That’s a team that needs D badly & they have a surplus of things they can do.” … “Col was deep into Kulikov earlier this year. Interesting thing about Phaneuf is that he’s a LHS that likes to play the right side.” … “I think the next debate you’re going to hear about Phaneuf is whether he should be forced to play the left side.” … “I think Phaneuf is a very valuable and useful player. I know others don’t see him in that way. He can play on my team” … “$7 million dollars a year in some situations is difficult. I think the question is how much will Toronto pick up & for how long?” … “Will Toronto pick up a million? A million and a half? That’s going to ease a couple of things.” … “At the end of the day, the cap is going up and it depends on whether a cap team or a budget team wants him “