NHL Rumors II: Penguins and Sutter … Weekes on Brodeur

NHL Rumors II: Penguins and Sutter … Weekes on Brodeur

  • Shelly Anderson: Hearing that the Penguins and Brandon Sutter are making progress.
  • Will DePaoli of Inside Pittsburgh Sports: The Penguins and Sutter have talked about both short and long-term contracts over the past couple weeks. A source said the Penguins think they are close on a deal and that they “should” have it done this week. Sutter’s agent has recommended that he take a one-year deal and test unrestricted free agency next summer. One source has said the Penguins are looking at long-term deal and have offered a four-year deal.
  • Luke Fox of SportsNet: Kevin Weekes on Martin Brodeur:

    “Does he want to play with Ondrej Pavelec in Winnipeg? I don’t know. Other than that, where’s he going? only works if they move Reimer.

    “Listen. If I’m Marty, I’ve played a long time. My first and last name is all over the record books. I’ve made a ton of money. I’ve had an impact on the game.

    “He’s been the guy the whole time; he’s always been the guy. He wants to be the guy every night. He doesn’t want to back anybody up. So where’s he going to play?

    “It’s all about weighing the fit versus the opportunity. I don’t see it. That’s not to say it can’t present itself. Heaven forbid, there’s an injury or someone has a slow start. Maybe. Aside from that, right now, I don’t really see it. And that’s not a slight against him. It’s just the marketplace.”