NHL Rumors: Hurricanes, Flyers, Panthers, and Blue Jackets
The Philadelphia Flyer would move Wayne Simmonds for the right price even if in the playoff race. The Columbus Blue Jackets and Florida Panthers are talking.
Carolina Hurricanes not in a rush to move Michael Ferland – if at all

Darren Dreger: The Carolina Hurricanes may have pulled back on the idea of trading forward Micheal Ferland. They will see how things go over the next few games and could use him as an ‘own rental.’

Teams are waiting on Mark Stone and Artemi Panarin … The Philadelphia Flyers would still move Wayne  Simmonds

TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes that some teams are waiting to see what happens with Ottawa Senators Mark Stone and what the potential price would be for him and the same goes for Columbus Blue Jackets Artemi Panarin.

The Carolina Hurricanes would have traded Micheal Ferland last week if a team had stepped up, but know they are waiting.

The Philadelphia Flyers are back in the race but if someone steps up they would still move Wayne Simmonds as they know they won’t be re-signing him.

Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets talking

George Richards: The Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets have been talking to each other often. They haven’t been told if they are a team that Sergei Bobrovsky would consider waiving his no-trade clause for. assumes that they are.

David Pagnotta: Believe that over the next week or so the Panthers would get some clarity on the matter. (going off of Richards tweet)

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said the Panthers spoke with the Blue Jackets and found the asking price too high for Sergei Bobrovsky. They can go after him in free agency

“What I think is going to happen is the Panthers will keep in touch with the Blue Jackets, they’ll circle back closer to the trade deadline, and if the price goes down maybe it’s worth it for them to try and sign Bobrovsky now and advance the process. But if the price hasn’t changed, they’ll wait until July 1.”