NHL Rumors: Golden Knights, Sharks, Flyers and Predators

NHL Rumors: Golden Knights, Sharks, Flyers and Predators

Roman Josi and the Nashville Predators are able to talk extension but not sign until July 1st
No in-season extension for Willam Karlsson

Jesse Granger: Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee said that he doesn’t see them signing William Karlsson to a contract extension during the season. They will revisit it during the offseason.

Sharks shouldn’t be in a rush to move a defenseman

Kevin Kurz: “Everyone seems to be in such a rush to trade one of the Sharks’ eight defensemen. I’d pump the breaks a bit on that. Teams typically need 8-9 d-men to make a long run, and Sharks are set up well for that. And scoring is not an issue at the moment.”

Fletcher looking to fill three areas 

TSN: Bob McKenzie says that the Philadelphia Flyers are a team to watch heading into the trade deadline. GM Chuck Fletcher has a list of what he wants/needs – a stopgap goaltender, a top-four defenseman and a top two/three center. Those are not easy things to add.

Pending UFA forward Wayne Simmonds will likely be traded.

“It’s not 100 per cent, but more likely than not. And while Fletcher could get draft picks and prospects coming back in for a guy like Simmonds or another veteran player, he’s also planning on using draft picks and prospects and younger players to try and go out and achieve those things (the goalie, the defenceman and the centre).”

Roman Josi and David Poile will both have to give a bit on an extension

Chris Nichols of Nichols on Hockey: Bob McKenzie on NBCSN said the Nashville Predators GM David Poile would like to get defenseman Roman Josi signed to a contract extension as close to July 1st as possible. They can talk before but not sign until the 1st. The Predators have a  history of getting defensemen signed below market value.

“Now, also in order to do that, David Poile has some philosophies or rules that he likes to follow whenever possible. He doesn’t like giving no-trade clauses, he doesn’t like giving signing bonuses, and he likes to structure – if it’s a five-year deal for $8 million a year, he wants it to be 8, 8, 8, 8 across the board; no lockout protection, no wild fluctuations.”

If Josi wants to remain with the Predators, he’s likely going to have to give up some things, but so will GM Poile.