NHL Rumors: Panthers and Jagr … Islanders and Tavares

NHL Rumors: Panthers and Jagr … Islanders and Tavares

John Tavares and Jaromir Jagr
On the Florida Panthers and Jaromir Jagr …

Jimmy Murphy: Source saying that NY Post Larry Brook’s report that the Panthers reneged on their contract promise to Jaromir Jagr may be a little different that what Brooks laid out.

From our post on Sunday –  “Jaromir Jagr was told after the season by the Florida Panthers that after the expansion draft he would be getting a contract offer from them. This didn’t happen. wonders if something had changed after they hired Bob Boughner as their new head coach.”

Jimmy Murphy: The reliable source said that the Panthers told Jagr to test the free agent market and then “circle back” to them. Jagr agreed.

Jimmy Murphy: After the Panthers went through the expansion draft, entry draft and hired new coaches, and after Jagr tested out the free agent market, the sides decided to part ways.

Jimmy Murphy: The Panthers never reneged on a contract offer, there wasn’t a verbal agreement or a “wink-wink” deal.

On the New York Islanders and John Tavares …

TSN: New York Islanders center John Tavares was asked if there has been any progress in contract extension talks, or if that is something he would get into right now.

“I think I just keep all that internal. You know, we’ve had great open communication. So obviously it’s a great place to play, I really enjoy my time being an Islander and I want that to continue.

So for me, mostly just want to try and focus on being ready for the upcoming season and being at my best and being able to contribute.”

Andy Graziano: “So…Tavares just repeated what he’s been saying for months. Repeated what we all knew he would say. Should have expected him to say. End of the day, still no deal. Comments don’t make him more likely to stay….or more likely to leave.”