NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers and Milan Lucic

NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers and Milan Lucic

The Edmonton Oilers would likely have to sweeten the pot with a draft pick or prospect for a team to take Milan Lucic's contract.
On the Edmonton Oilers and Milan Lucic …

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: TSN’s Frank Seravalli was on Edmonton radio with Allan Mitchell/Lowetide and said that the Oilers could be willing to package a draft pick with Milan Lucic to move his contract.

“My understanding, and the reason that Milan Lucic is on our (TSN top trade) list is because from my understanding they’re trying and talking to teams about potentially taking another contract back even if that means sweetening the pot with a pick or some other roster player in order to make it happen. They are pushing, or at least doing their due diligence and working to try and move on from Milan Lucic if they can. I just don’t know that it’s going to happen with that much term left. It’s going to be a really tough one to do.”

Staples adds that Lucic has a no-movement clause.

On Jason Gregor’s show earlier this week, he said that Lucic could be willing to waive his no-movement clause.

Staples doesn’t think that Lucic could return to being a useful top-six winger, but he could be a physical third line winger that could score 15 goals and add 40 points. An acquiring team would need to have the salary cap room and not a complete speed team.

Chris Nichols of FRS Hockey: Elliotte Friedman was on 630 CHED in Edmonton yesterday and was asked about if the Edmonton Oilers could be looking to trade forward Milan Lucic.

“Well, this is what I can tell you about Milan Lucic,” began Friedman. “There was a rumor going around a week ago that maybe he might have asked for a trade. I was told that was not the case. I asked somebody and they told me that he had not asked for it. But I believe there has been some conversation about is there a way that this can be worked on to make it happen.”

Friedman adds that there was lots of frustration surrounding the Oilers with the way last year went, and in a Canadian market, not performing well is not easy to escape. believes that Lucic could be open to the idea of a trade, and if he and the Oilers work together, they might able to figure something out.

“Do I think that his name is coming up, do I think that he would potentially be receptive to something – yes I do. But do I think it’s likely to happen – I think it is an extremely difficult trade to make because if someone is taking that contract from you, what are you getting back. Sometimes I think the best thing to do is is there a way that you can work with Lucic to improve his game as opposed to do this.”