NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers – Leon Draisaitl and Patrick Maroon

NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers – Leon Draisaitl and Patrick Maroon

Edmonton Oilers rumors: Patrick Maroon and Leon Draisaitl


The Edmonton Oilers are attracting much interest. Here is the latest.

More on Leon Draisaitl

Staples of Edmonton Journal on the HNIC panel:  Again, the debate focuses on how untouchable Draisaitl may be. Nick Kypreos tends to think it is an idea to more than just listen, while Elliotte Friedman countered with this. It is simply down to the fact of looking at the return.

Staples believe a drop in Draisaitl’s power play numbers have something to do with coaching. Two-way centers do not grow on trees, and Draisaitl does need to play more center. He is less effective on the wing, honestly. Any trade would have to be more than just a goalie, defenseman, and a couple of top picks. That would be breaking Draisaitl into small and questionable parts.

Willis of The Athletic on the Draisaitl trade chances:  The question again is asked. Would moving the center get Edmonton closer to a Stanley Cup? The Malkin Defense has been used from 2008, so it is no surprise Draisaitl rumors will now persist. Finding depth appears attractive, but teams like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Chicago have won on their big players. They find the depth to compliment.

From a positional standpoint, Pittsburgh and Chicago have won with two well above average centers. Draisaitl is just too valuable of a piece to give up and too young for that matter at 21. Trading Draisaitl makes little sense, and the return just will not be there. Furthermore, it does not get Edmonton closer to a championship. Titles are won on the big rocks and not the pebbles.

TSN TradeCenter Match Game on Patrick Maroon

Frank Seravalli on Maroon destinations:  A match game minute with the Edmonton winger reveals that there are a few possible landing spots for Maroon.

St. Louis will definitely be a possibility along with Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay has been poking around already for wingers.

The highest chance is the Bruins. Boston and Edmonton’s scouting departments have been actively scouting each other’s games. There have been talks and Boston could use a little extra scoring punch for the playoffs. The chances seem to be low, but as prices come down, Maroon heading east could happen.