NHL Rumors: Detroit Red Wings and the Boston Bruins

NHL Rumors: Detroit Red Wings and the Boston Bruins

Mike Green of the Detroit Red Wings
On the Detroit Red Wings …

Craig Custance of The Athletic Detroit: Red Wings defenseman Mike Green has a year left on his deal at $6 million. An agent on Green’s contract and what his next deal could look like.

“My inclination is that between age and production his next deal is going to go down. Six is probably too high for him. But left-handed pitcher, right-shot defensemen – everyone wants one, right?… He had 11 even strength goals, that’s a big value. I don’t like the total points thought – 36 points isn’t enough to even warrant $5 million at 32 years old. In this day in age, four million might be selling him low , five would be a victory. I’d project him in the $4.5 million range.”

On the Boston Bruins …

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Darren Dreger was on WGR 550 talking about the Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak, who were meeting on Friday to discuss a contract for the RFA.

“Look, I mean there has been an offer – my understanding is anyway, from the Bruins – on the table for quite some time. That’s a six, seven-year offer. The player can choose: six year term, seven year term at $6 million per or just over that. That’s been widely speculated. That’s been reported by the good beat reporters of the Boston Bruins.

“But that doesn’t sound like it’s going to get it done by a long shot, from Pastrnak’s perspective. You look at some of the comps that exist out there. Again, Leon Draisaitl’s 8.5. Is Pastrnak that much less of a player than Draisaitl? Draisaitl is a center, so we’ll give him a premium nudge there. But the point production, etc. is pretty close in terms of entry-level players. Then you look at Tarasenko of the St. Louis Blues, which is – again – I think a fair comp. His AAV is at 7.5.

“So I think that this could get greasy. I think that this negotiation between David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins – unless the Bruins change their position and they come off their number – this could be headed in a dark direction.”

Dreger notes that Pastrnak doesn’t have a lot of leverage other than playing in Europe this season. Not suggesting that he’s going to sign in Europe, but it’s a possibility.