NHL Rumors: Could Change Be Coming To The Anaheim Ducks This Offseason?

NHL Rumors: Could Change Be Coming To The Anaheim Ducks This Offseason?

Will the Anaheim Ducks continue with their core and with Bob Murray at that GM helm?
On the Anaheim Ducks …

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 650 and was talking about the Anaheim Ducks. Friedman is curious as to what the Ducks could do this offseason. Will ownership go down a different road, despite the good relationship Henry Samueli and Bob Murray have?

“I think the biggest question in Anaheim is that Perry hasn’t been great for a couple of years. Getzlaf is still really good. And you guys know Kesler. I mean, the biggest problem he’s got is his body is just completely breaking down. I just think that they’ve had a lot of patience with Perry. I think he’s still got a no-move clause. But I do wonder if they start to look and see is it time for some of the guys who have been there a long time.”

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports:  Darren Dreger was on TSN 1040 and was asked if the Anaheim Ducks would come back with the same core or would they look to shake things up.

“I don’t think you can,” considered Dreger. “I feel something substantive has to be done in Anaheim if they go out with a whimper. And based on the shellacking last night at the hands of the San Jose Sharks, that’s more and more how it’s looking. How do you not do something of significance?”

Dreger continues that he’s not pointing the finger at GM Bob Murray, but that ownership could decide that it’s time for someone else with a fresh look.

Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler have term left and are owed good money, Dreger thinks they can still be moved.

“Yeah, oh absolutely. Absolutely.” replied Dreger without hesitation. “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that there would be teams with considerable interest in Perry and Getzlaf if they were willing to break it up.

“Especially a veteran, experienced team. A team like the St. Louis Blues, for example – I don’t have their cap in front of me, so it’s not easy to do those kind of things. But if they don’t land John Tavares, as an example – if the San Jose Sharks don’t land John Tavares – any team that’s after John Tavares doesn’t get him, why wouldn’t you consider one of those guys.”

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