NHL Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Artemi Panarin

NHL Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Artemi Panarin

Columbus Blue Jackets Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemi Panarin talk to the media about their situation as training camp opens

Blue Jackets management knows Bobrovsky’s plans

Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch: Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky doesn’t want his situation to be too much of a distraction this season. Bobrovsky is a free agent after this season and he’s already told management what his plans are.

“I heard some interviews during the summer and stuff like that,” he said. “After the last season, I told the situation to the management of the Blue Jackets so they know everything. They know my plans for this season, they know my plans for the future so they know everything. From now on, I would ask you to not ask me too many questions about my contract and future with the Blue Jackets because I want to focus on the process and to help this team win games.”

It doesn’t sound like there will be contract talks during the season

“I don’t want to play any contract games,” he said. “I just want to play hockey and focus on hockey. I don’t like to play mind games.”

Panarin taking his time as to where he wants to play long-term

Aaron Portzline of The Athletic: Columbus Blue Jackets Artemi Panarin made a statement yesterday about his situation through an interpreter.

“I want people to understand that it’s not often that a player has the opportunity to really kind of decide the future, so I’m going to take the time to decide. A long-term contract is, essentially, a huge part of your life, so it’s really important that we take the time to really decide what the decision is. In terms of the statement that’s about it. I’m here right now and I’m here to play hockey and all I’m thinking about is hockey and getting ready to have the best season possible here.”

Panarin was asked other questions about his situation and the city of Columbus. His interpreter works for Panarin’s agency and notes, “An independent interpreter, shown video of Panarin’s comments by The Athletic, said Spektor was changing the meaning of Panarin’s words on a few answers and inserting his own corporate-line answers in a couple of instances.”

Panarin said that he’s sticking with his September 13th deadline and he hasn’t picked a city he wants to play in despite the rumors.