NHL Rumors: Colorado Avalanche – Duchene and Barrie

NHL Rumors: Colorado Avalanche – Duchene and Barrie

Matt Duchene
On the Colorado Avalanche …

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Darren Dreger said on WGR 550 that he thinks the trade scene of Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene could heat up soon. It feels like they are in a position to get something done. Earlier this offseason the asking price for Duchene was unreasonable.

“The Nashville Predators definitely had interest and I’m sure do have interest in Matt Duchene, but going into the draft and on the draft floor, they just weren’t willing to give up the defenseman that Joe Sakic felt like he needed to get in return for Matt Duchene as part of a package.

“Now, general managers don’t take holidays at any point in the season. They try and take some down time in August, so the sense is – from at least from Matt Duchene’s side – that things could heat up in the next week. That doesn’t mean a trade is imminent. But that means that NHL general managers will be back at work full time and perhaps looking at their roster and recognizing that, ‘Okay, Duchene is still available, so let’s make our next push.’ “

Dreger adds that GM Joe Sakic has always been looking for a young defenseman and that there are teams that would be okay with that, but not for a top-pairing defenseman or a top defensive prospect.

Dreger believes that the Nashville Predators are still interested and maybe a team like the Montreal Canadiens.

The Avs could consider moving other pieces out.

“I think Sakic is listening to a lot of different things,” said the Insider. “There are some untouchable pieces, but we’ve talked a fair bit again historically about perhaps the availability of Tyson Barrie. I think that was dependent on what Sakic could get in return for Matt Duchene. If he landed that defenseman, then maybe that allows him to move Tyson Barrie. He can’t move Barrie unless he gets something quality in return for Duchene.”