NHL Rumors: Cody Franson, Pittsburgh Penguins and Jaromir Jagr

NHL Rumors: Cody Franson, Pittsburgh Penguins and Jaromir Jagr

Cody Franson narrowing down his options
On Cody Franson …

Dhiren Mahiban: Hearing that defenseman Cody Franson is deciding on a one-year deal between the Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks.

Rick Dhaliwal: Have been told that Cody Franson is deciding between the Blackhawks and Oilers. The Canucks never called.

On the Pittsburgh Penguins …

Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Pittsburgh Penguins haven’t made a formal offer to 36-year old free agent Russian forward Danis Zaripov, though they are taking a serious look at him according to a source.

The Penguins have spoken with a lot of Zaripov’s former teammates and with at least one of his former coaches.

Igor Eronko reported earlier that Evgeni Malkin has already said that he’d like to play on a line with Zaripov.

On Jaromir Jagr

Michael Langr of NHL.com: Free agent forward Jaromir Jagr said again yesterday that he wants to play in the NHL this season. Jagr has confirmed that the Calgary Flames showed some interest in him earlier this offseason.

“The interest has been there from the first day (of free agency),” he said. “But it’s tough to consider how big that interest really was. Especially when it’s changing from one day to another.”

Jagr is also looking for a team that is looking for a winger, plays a similar style of hockey that he does, and is a Cup contender.

“Money is a factor too. But not because of the money itself, but because if you took an offer with a minimal salary, it could easily happen that after the first half of the season they tell you, ‘Bye,’ and you don’t have a spot on the roster anymore. Myself, I’m curious to see how it’s turn out.”

Playing in Europe is an option for Jagr, and he’s said it may not be the KHL, but it would have to be a top league.