NHL Rumors: Brian Gionta, Jeff Skinner, and Matt Duchene

NHL Rumors: Brian Gionta, Jeff Skinner, and Matt Duchene

Hard to see the Ottawa Senators wanting to trade Matt Duchene right now. The Carolina Hurricanes did the right thing to trade Jeff Skinner this offseason if they didn't want to keep him.
Gionta okay with retirement if it comes to that

Dave Stubbs of NHL.com: The 39-year old Brian Gionta hasn’t signed with anyone yet and if he’s played his final NHL game, he’s okay with it.

Gionta spends his summer’s in Rochester, New York and is training to stay in shape, but says:

“But I’m prepared unless something very out of the ordinary and significant came through.”

Gionta has three kids – 13, 10 and 6 – and isn’t interested in moving them around.

“It all just kind of fell into place for me last year,” said Gionta, who played the previous three seasons for the Buffalo Sabres. “Coming into this year, same thing, I probably could have gotten a one-year deal. We went searching for it but at this point it’s going to be really tough to move the kids. I haven’t ruled it out completely but most likely I’ll look at some non-playing hockey options.”

It made sense for the Hurricanes to move Skinner, and it’s hard to see the Senators wanting to move Duchene at this time

Dan Rosen of NHL.com: (mailbag) The Carolina Hurricanes didn’t have any interest in keeping Jeff Skinner. Holding on to him for potentially a better package at the trade deadline had risks – potential injury or a bad season that lowering his value more – or what if they were in a playoff position and how would they justify to their fans that they still need to trade him? It made sense to move him this offseason.

With the Ottawa Senators owning the Colorado Avalanche an unprotected first-round pick this year, it’s hard to see the Senators wanting to trade Matt Duchene anytime soon. They wouldn’t be able to get back the assets that they gave up to get him last year. They must avoid being at the bottom of the league. It’s hard to say what the Senators could look like this season, especially if they trade Erik Karlsson, and what the potential return could be.