NHL Rumors: The Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak

NHL Rumors: The Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak

David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins talking about an eight-year deal
On the Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak …

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe: David Pastrnak’s camp said Tuesday night in an email that they have recently talked about an eight-year contract with the Boston Bruins.

“We are now discussing an eight-year max term to see if we can find some common ground,” wrote J.P. Barry, the long-time agent from Toronto, responding to a Globe request to comment on the talks.

Sources are saying the Bruins offered Pastrnak the option of six or seven years at $6 million a season early this offseason.

If the Bruins went to eight years, it would likely have to be for more than $6 million – a middle ground between $6 million and the $8.5 million Leon Draisaitl got from the Oilers.

“They know our position on the current marketplace for elite young forwards,” wrote Barry, “and we will continue our negotiations again .”

Bruins GM Don Sweeney wouldn’t comment when asked this morning.

Darren Dreger: David Pastrnak’s camp continues to use Leon Draisaitl’s deal as a comparison. An eight-year deal for Pastrnak would buy four years of unrestricted free agency.

Darren Dreger: Draisaitl’s eight-year deal bought three years of free agency.

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Pierre LeBrun was on TSN 1050 and was talking about the David Pastrnak – Leon Draisaitl potential contract comparisons.

“For me it’s not a direct comparison, only because they’re different kinds of players,” explained LeBrun. “But at the end of the day you could see why Pastrnak’s camp is bringing it up in terms of the actual points production. That’s where the comparison is.

“But they’re totally different players. Draisiatl just a monster of a power forward who’s strong on both sides of the puck. Pastrnak, on the other hand, much better goal scorer. I mean, he’s a pure sniper. That’s a tough thing to do these days in this league, is put the puck in the back of the net, and he’s already proven – at a very young age – that he can do that with some pretty good consistency in Boston.

“So he’s got a pretty strong case, but it’s certainly a different one that Leon Draisaitl in my books.”