NHL Rumors: Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks

NHL Rumors: Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are interested in Buffalo Sabres Ryan O'Reilly and Carolina Hurricanes Noah Hanifin.
On the Arizona Coyotes …

Craig Morgan: The Coyotes are not expected to re-sign any of their roster unrestricted free agents – Brad Richardson, Kevin Connauton, Luke Schenn, and Zac Rinaldo.

On the Edmonton Oilers and Milan Lucic …

Chris Nichols of FRS Hockey: Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 650 and was asked who would be interested in Oilers winger Milan Lucic and what the Oilers might have to toss in. Friedman notes that he hasn’t talked to anyone in Edmonton, but teams he’s spoken with seem to think that the Oilers are confident they can trade Lucic. The Oilers will have to offer up a pick or retain salary or take back a bad contract.

“To me the thing is who are the teams that liked him. You guys liked him, Florida liked him, Dallas liked him. Dallas invited him there, they were in there right at the end when Edmonton got him. I think you go to those teams first and say, ‘Okay, what’s the interest level.’ And then after that’s done you basically start calling everywhere else.”

Freidman wonders where Lucic wants to go, as he controls some of that, and it’s likely not anywhere in Canada.

On the Vancouver Canucks …

Chris Nichols of FRS Hockey: Elliotte Friedman was on Sportsnet 650 and was asked if the Vancouver Canucks could be active in the trade market. Friedman said that the Canucks were looking to be aggressive on Hurricanes Noah Hanifin, but as much for Sabres Ryan O’Reilly.

“And I’m assuming that means the seventh overall pick. I know there have been rumblings out there they offered the seventh overall pick for O’Reilly. From what I can gather, that is not true – that they did not offer it for him.”

Other teams that could be looking to be active in the trade market are the Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers, and the Ottawa Senators. The Calgary Flames are looking to get back into the first-round. isn’t sure what Toronto Maple Leafs new GM Kyle Dubas are thinking.