The Latest Status of the 2020 NHL Draft

The 2020 NHL draft was scheduled for the end of June in Montreal but has been postponed. We are still able to watch tape, make notes, and adjusting rankings.

NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Colorado Avalanche

Despite a rash of injuries this season, the Colorado Avalanche showed the could be a contender. They have the salary cap space for their own free agents and maybe some room to add.

NHL Up and Down the Boards – Oilers, Lightning Among Favorites on Early Playoff Series Prices

There is no guarantee that the Stanley Cup will be awarded this season, but there are NHL odds and playoff matchups if the NHL follows their regular playoff format.

NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks star core players aren’t getting any younger. They have a nice mix of youngsters coming up, but they may have limited funds to work with this offseason.

NHLers Not Giving Up Hope, But Recognize Season Could Be Over

The 2019-20 NHL season could be over but the league, players and fans aren’t giving up hope just yet.

NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes have made numerous moves over the past year. They have around $72.3 million already committed to 15 players for next season. Their core is locked up.

Detroit Red Wings’ Coach Jeff Blashill Waits And Wonders What’s Ahead For The NHL

Detroit Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill realizes that he may not coach another game this season and he doesn’t know how things will roll out.

NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames have 13 players under contract next season at cost of over $64.5 million. They have a good list of free agents and they won’t be able to retain all.

NHL Trade & Free Agent Candidates – Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres had another disappointing season, and this offseason will be really important for general manager Jason Botterill. He should have some salary cap space to work with.

NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Arizona Coyotes

Things haven’t gone as planned for the Arizona Coyotes this year. Taylor Hall could walk after the season, and they don’t have the salary cap space to work with like they once did.

NHL Unfinished Business: The Salary Cap

If the NHL were to cancel the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs, it could cost hem upwards of $1 billion in hockey related revenue. HRR is directly tied to the salary cap.

Delay In NHL Season Means Several Teams Will Get Healthier For A Playoff Run

If the NHL is able to schedule some sor tof Stanley Cup Playoffs for this season, contending teams should get back some important pieces.