NHL News: Boston Bruins – Brad Marchand and Torey Krug

NHL News: Boston Bruins – Brad Marchand and Torey Krug

Brad Marchand licks Ryan Callahan.
Image from L.A. Lariviere

On Brad Marchand and Ryan Callahan …

Greg A Bedard: Lightning coach Jon Cooper on Brad Marchand’s hit on Ryan Callahan: “This is a tough game, guys are going at it, there are a lot of clean body checks, that’s a dirty one. Those end careers. That was a tough one; refs saw it otherwise.”

John Shannon: “There’s no question there’s enough in the NHL Rule Book to penalize Marchand for licking. The generalities of Rule 75, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, give the ref the latitude to call it. I suspect they have been told to so in the future.”

Chris Johnston: Callahan on being licked by Marchard: “I don’t know what the difference is between that and spitting in someone’s face.”

Jimmy Murphy: “Take it for what it’s worth. Word around tonight was team/org as a whole not happy with licking antics, and some other stuff. From what I’m told, gist I got is time to act like a superstar and not a sideshow.”

On Torey Krug …

Nicholas Goss of NESN: Defenseman Torey Krug left last night’s game in the third period after crashing awkwardly into the boards. Krug was able to get off the ice but needed help getting down the tunnel.

Chris Johnston: Krug left the arena wearing a walking boot and was on crutches.