NHL and NHLPA meeting today … NHLPA offer likely coming … Will...

NHL and NHLPA meeting today … NHLPA offer likely coming … Will NHLPA reject or counter-offer?

  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: McKenzie would be shocked if the league’s “final” offer (likely a week from now) didn’t go to a NHLPA vote.
  • Rob Rossi via twitter: The key is not the NHLPA offer, but how the NHL responds to it. Tom Gulitti via twitter: Guitti thinks that yesterday and today are key. The NHLPA doesn’t love the NHL’s proposal, but it’s how they respond to it.
  • John Shannon via twitter: “Part of NHLPA’s push back Thurs must include issues around NHL’s clarification of HRR and How they intend to make contracted players whole.”
  • Aaron Portzline via twitter: If the season starts on November 2nd, it allows for the All-Star game to be played on January 27th. If a they end up having to contract the schedual, the All-Star game will likely be cancelled.
  • Darran Dreger via twitter: Some people believe the NHLPA should have made an offer last week. Now they have to go off of the NHL’s offer and face public scrutiny.
  • Andy Strickland via twitter: Not all owners were aware that the NHL gave the NHLPA a proposal before the info was leaked to the media.