Coyotes deadline … Sharks ownership … Matteau decision coming … Gardiner to...

Coyotes deadline … Sharks ownership … Matteau decision coming … Gardiner to Marlies

  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: Regarding Phoenix Coyotes situation: “Thursday is not a deadline for Jamison to close his deal with NHL. It’s a deadline to keep current terms of lease agreement with city of Glendale. If Jamison doesn’t come up with money to buy team by Thurs deadline, lease terms could change. But it doesn’t mean NHL is done with him. It will likely give him more time and see how it all shakes out… I’m not convinced Jamison will have the money in order by Thursday… But it’s certainly possible. Either way, story doesn’t end tomorrow. I fear there will be more twists and turns in this story over next several weeks. Should also add on Phoenix, if Jamison can’t close by tomorrow, opens the door for other possible owners to deal with Glendale or NHL. Which is why I’m saying still a lot of scenarios to be played out in the Desert… Unless of course, Jamison comes up with the $$$ asap.”
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: The Sharks announced that Hasso Plattner (majority owner) bought the SSE shares that were held by investors Kevin Compton and Stratton Sclavos.
  • Rich Chere via twitter: Devils GM Lou Lamoriello on whether Matteau will get into his 6th game :  “That’s not a decision that’s been made yet.” Tom Guliteti via twitter: Lou on Matteau:  “We’re going to continue evaluating this and a decision won’t be made at this point.”