NHLers Not Giving Up Hope, But Recognize Season Could Be Over

The 2019-20 NHL season could be over but the league, players and fans aren’t giving up hope just yet.

Detroit Red Wings’ Coach Jeff Blashill Waits And Wonders What’s Ahead For The NHL

Detroit Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill realizes that he may not coach another game this season and he doesn’t know how things will roll out.

Delay In NHL Season Means Several Teams Will Get Healthier For A Playoff Run

If the NHL is able to schedule some sor tof Stanley Cup Playoffs for this season, contending teams should get back some important pieces.

Five Things NHL Fans Can Do During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has basically shut down all sports around the world. Here are five things that hockey fans can do to pass the time.

What Might A Coronavirus-Impacted Playoff Look Like For The NHL?

The NHL has said they will consider all playoff options when they get to that point. There will be many things for them to consider when they do.

Looking Back at the Last Time A Pandemic Halted the NHL Season

Just over a hundred years ago, the NHL canceled the 1919 Stanley Cup Final between the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans because of flu pandemic.

Building Through The Draft is No Guarantee Of NHL Success

During the salary cap era, teams tend to bottom out and then re-build through the draft. It doesn’t always mean that it will bring success thought.

NHL Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

A look at five winners from yesterday’s NHL trade deadline and three losers. See why the Penguins, Hurricanes, Islanders, Senators and Oilers were winners.

NHL Trade Deadline: Optics Don’t Look Good For Maple Leafs After Underwhelming Deadline Day

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced the four-year contract extension for Jake Muzzin, and well, that was about it for their NHL trade deadline.

Five NHL Prospects Who Could Be Moved By The NHL Trade Deadline: Western Conference

We looked at the Eastern Conference a couple of days ago, now on to some prospects from Western Conference teams that could be involved in deadline trades.

Five NHL Prospects Who Could Be Moved By The Trade Deadline: Eastern Conference

Taking a look at some prospects from Eastern Conference teams that could be involved in deadline trades.

Are We Headed For An Underwhelming 2020 NHL Trade Deadline?

Teams have already started making moves. Some pending free agents are talking with their teams about an extension. Are we in for an underwhelming NHL trade deadline day?