The Sabres Trade Miller and Ott To Blues For Stewart, Halak, Carrier...

The Sabres Trade Miller and Ott To Blues For Stewart, Halak, Carrier and Draft Picks


The St. Louis Blues have traded Chris Stewart, Jaroslav Halak, William Carrier, a 2015 first round pick and a  2016 3rd round pick to the Buffalo Sabres for Ryan Miller and Steve Ott. John Vogl: The Sabres will get a 2014 1st round pick if the Blues make the Western Conference Final or if Miller re-signs.

The 33 year old Miller was drafted 138th overall in the 5th round of the 1999 draft by the Sabres. He carries a $6.25 million salary cap hit.

The 31 year old Ott was drafted 25th overall in the 1st round of the 2000 draft by the Stars. The carries a $2.95 million salary cap hit.

The 28 year old Halak was drafted 271st overall in the 9th round of the 2003 draft by the Canadiens. He carries a $3.75 million salary cap hit.

The 26 year old Stewart was drafted 18th overall in the 1st round of the 2006 draft by the Avalanche. He carries a $4.15 million salary cap hit.

The 19 year old Carrier was drafted 57th overall in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft by the Blues.

Miller talks to the media

Ott talks to the media

Thoughts from twitter:

  • Chris Botta: “If Isles defer Vanek pick to next year, the Sabres have 3 first-rounders and 3 2nd-rounders in the 2015 draft.”
  • Pierre LeBrun: “Chris Stewart now a good asset for the Sabres. They could keep him, or deal him if price is right. Good position to be in.”
  • Bob McKenzie: “I’m told there aren’t likely to be any more BUF moves tonite. I’d say BUF will try to flip Jaro Halak to MIN and Chris Stewart to OTT.”
  • L.A. Lariviere: “Honeslty, I can’t think of one single flaw the Blues have now. People in St. Louis have a true Stanley Cup contender.”
  • Craig Custance: “Doug Armstrong gets bonus points for pulling off this trade without including Jake Allen.”
  • Jason Brough: ‘I always thought Chris Stewart would be a big star. Hasn’t really turned out that way. Still could I guess.”
  • Spector’s Hockey: “The #Blues improved their Cup hopes with this move, but don’t anoint them Cup champs yet. Ask the #Penguins how that worked last season.”
  • Craig Custance: “Agree. Really no reason to keep him. RT @wwheelz2002 @CraigCustance think they flip Stewart for more also #sabres”
  • Adam Proteau: “I like how Tim Murray maximized his assets by pairing them and turning them into pieces he can flip. But I also like the deal for the Blues.”
  • John Shannon: “Told that the Sabres will pay difference between Halak and Miller salaries, which is 1.75 mil.”
  • Jason Gregor: “Great trade for Blues… Interesting to see how Hawks respond and Kings. Also expect Doug Wilson to make his usual smart moves. “
  • The Goalie Guild: “This is just opinion, but I worry about Sabres depth now. Wouldn’t re-sign Halak, Enroth tops out at backup, Hackett still work in progress.”
  • Andrew Walker: “Great job Murray for playing game to make it seem Miller market was bigger than it was. Big part of me thinks STL could’ve played hard ball”
  • Terry Koshan: “Blues step up. Now interesting to see how/if Ducks, Hawks, Sharks respond in coming days.”
  • Bob McKenzie: “I know OTT wants Chris Stewart. I know 3-way STL-BUF-OTT deal was discussed this week. I don’t know (yet) if it’s done or if it will be done”
  • Jason Gregor: “With all the assets going to Buffalo have to think Miller will re-sign in St.Louis. No way Armstrong gives up that much for rental.”
  • Craig Custance: “Blues one of the trade destinations where I could see Miller opening up contract talks and signing long-term before free agency.”
  • Dustin Nielson: “If you’re Ryan Miller why would you not want to sign a long term deal to play for the Blues?”
  • Pierre LeBrun: “Love that Blues went for it. Miller all along to me was perfect addition for a great team. Watch out West.”
  • St. Louis Blues: “Ryan Miller and Steve Ott will meet the team in Phoenix, where we play on Sunday.”

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