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Injury Notes: Redmond, Bieksa, Malkin and Clutterbuck

  • Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun: Jets Zach Redmond had 3 hours of surgery to repair a completely severed femoral artery, and cuts to the femoral and popliteal vein. His season is likely over.

    “I’ve been doing this for 12 years and that’s easily the most grave incident I’ve been a part of, for sure,” said Milette. “Surgery went well. There were a lot of blood vessels that needed repair, along with all the surrounding tissue, the muscles. Basically, every main blood vessel in your leg that supplies blood to that lower limb was in trouble. He’s doing well right now and we can only hope his recovery will be as good as the surgery went.”

  • Brad Ziemer via twitter: Canucks Kevin Bieksa suffered a lower-body injury from a Hal Gil hit and left the game last night.
  • Josh Yohe via twitter: Evgeni Malkin crashed heavily into the boards and left the game in the 3rd period.

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