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Coyotes and City of Glendale Statements … Still hope for Jamison

  • Phoenix Coyotes Statement: Coyotes president Mike Nealy:

    “Today, we were informed by the National Hockey League that Mr. Jamison was unable to close on his purchase of the Coyotes. Mr. Jamison will continue to work with the NHL and the City of Glendale to close a deal that will keep the Coyotes in the Valley. Although there is no set timetable, hopefully it will be soon. The Coyotes will continue to be owned by the NHL and nothing changes for our organization. We will work hard on and off the ice to provide our fans with a winning team that they can be proud of. We would like to thank all of our great fans and corporate partners for their incredible patience and loyalty throughout this process. We know it’s been difficult and we appreciate their support.”

  • Arizona Republic: City of Glendale Statement:

    “Glendale, Ariz. – The city and the current owner of the Coyotes, the National Hockey League, will continue to work together on a solution that is in the best interest of Glendale and our citizens. The next step involves seeking direction from the City Council to determine how to move forward with this process. The arena was built to serve as a catalyst for the economic growth that has occurred in Glendale’s Sport & Entertainment District, and its success remains a priority for the city.”

  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Multiple sources saying that it is “unlikely” that the Glendale would offer the same terms as in their old agreement. Old deal averaged $15 million over 20 years. The NHL won’t seriously consider relocation unless it’s the ONLY option left. Jamison owning the team and keeping them in Glendale is still possible.



Coyotes deal falling apart … Smith to return … Canes still like Boychuk … Janssen assigned

  • Eric Macramalla via twitter: “Coyotes sale has reportedly fallen apart (again); I’m shocked; NHL in 2015: expansion teams in Quebec/Ontario and Coyotes in Seattle” David Shoalts via twitter: “Greg Jamison is out as prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner. Someone is making attempts to put a new group together but it’s a huge longshot.” Ken Campbell via twitter: Source that has close ties to the NHL ownership on Greg Jamison: ”He hasn’t raised a dollar.”
  • L.A. Lariviere via twitter: Jamison will put out a statement soon confirming that he can’t come up with the money needed to buy the Coyotes.
  • Paul Giblin of the Arizona Republic: (h/t - @SpectorsHockey) Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said that Greg Jamison’s attorney called late Wednesday night looking for an extension on the arena management deal. The deadline is 11:59 pm [last night].

    “The bottom line is that Jamison himself hasn’t talked with me,” Weiers said. “I do know that a group trying to help Jamison or trying to get involved with Jamison – however you want to word it – they’re trying to figure out a way to keep his deal afloat.”

    On extending the deadline, Weiers said:

    “Obviously, we’re not going to do that.”

    Weiers also added that two new groups contacted him [Wednesday] night with interest in purchasing the team.

  • Chip Alexander via twitter: Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said that if the Penguins put Zach Boychuk back on waivers at some point during the year, the Hurricanes would claim him.

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Jamison-Coyotes deal to close by Thursday … Kelly said NHL talked expansion … New arena in Detroit?

  • Nick Cotsonika via twitter: Greg Jamison will reportedly close the deal to buy the Phoenix Coyotes before Thursday’s deadline.
  • Elliotte Friedman via twitter: Former NHLPA executive director, Paul Kelly, told [Markham] city council that the NHL had discussed expanding the NHL to 32 teams with him.
  • Brendan Savage of MLive: Red Wings owners, the Ilitch family, have privately suggested a new arena in Detroit that is owned by the state of Michigan. A $650 million multipurpose arena was proposed last year.

    “While the discussion in November was linked to ownership of the venue, nothing has been disclosed on how construction would be funded or by whom,” said the story written by Bill Shea. ”Sports arena financing deals often are a blend of tax dollars and private money, and the Ilitches have stated publicly that their intention is to make a “substantial investment” in what they want to be a public-private partnership.

    “The fund, which can sell low-interest bonds for projects, is an autonomous board within the quasi-public MEDC and was created in 1984 to promote economic development. The fund owns the Cadillac Place office building in Detroit’s New Center area and the Michigan House of Representatives Building (Anderson Office Building) in downtown Lansing, the MEDC said.”

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Avs-O’Reilly still far apart, trade looming? Despres available … Luongo waits … Coyotes dealine Thurs. … NHL expansion

  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: Dater notes that Avalanche fans may need to start contemplating the future of the team without center Ryan O’Reilly. The Avs and O’Reilly remain about $8 million apart on a long-term contract. A ‘bridge’ deal is possible, but they still vary on value. The Avs still have a 2 year, $7 million offer on the table. O’Reilly’s agent, Mark Guy, has disputed that he wants $5 million on a shorter deal, but there is no doubt he wants at least $4 million. On why they can’t go from $3.5 million up to the $4 million, or even $4.5 million with almost $18 million in cap room? Because they are stubborn, often displaying a “take it or leave it” mentality when they decide what a players worth in their minds. The Avalanche don’t want to trade him, but there is a list of players who have left after butting heads on money. Dater wonders if they should trade him or let him sit out the season? They could get something good for him, but would they be able to get something better later on? The best solution to Dater is to a get a deal done.
  • Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rossi is hearing rumblings that the Penguins are looking for a winger, but nothing is close. Defenseman Simon Despres is available for the right price. The question is, is that price a veteran winger with short-tern future, or are they looking for the next James Neal type deal.
  • Ben Kuzma of the Vancouver Province: Roberto Luongo on still being a Canuck, and how it’s not easy to be in the backup role.

    “Of course, but I’ve put my ego aside here and I’m trying to work hard and do my best and be ready,” he’s said. “We all know, and it goes without saying, that both Cory and I want to play. We’re competitors but I’m not going to put myself ahead of the team.”

    Until GM Mike Gillis is able to a get a deal done and then able to ask Luongo about waiving he no-trade clause.

    “That’s what I told him,” said Luongo. “I don’t really want to be bothered on a day-to-day basis with that stuff and I’ve pretty much given him the green light to do whatever.”

  • Paul Giblin of the Arizona Republic: Glendale officials have no idea if potential Coyotes owner, Greg Jamison, will purchase the team by the deadline on Thursday. He needs to buy the Coyotes by then to secure the 20-year lease. If a deal isn’t reached by then, the lease agreement expire. The new council is not expected to extended the offer if Jamison can’t get a deal done in time. The current deal sees Jamison getting an average of $15 million a year for 20 years as part of a management agreement. New Glendale Mayor, Jerry Weiers has his doubts if it can get done by Thursday.

    “For the life of me, I can’t figure why, if everything is lined up, if he’s got the money in hand, why would he postpone this? That’s the only thing I haven’t been able to figure out,” Weiers said. “What would be the purpose of delaying it?”

    Jamison said last week,

    “We’re aware of what we have to do to get this closed. We’re working very hard to get there. So far, the anticipation is that we will get there. That’s kind of where we’re at, at the moment, and I probably wouldn’t take it much further than that.”

  • Allan Walsh via twitter: NHL expansion is happening. It’s has been on the NHL’s agenda since the lockout ended.

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Glendale City Council approves Coyotes arena deal

  • Sonu Munshi of USA Today: The Glendale City Council voted in favor for a 20 year, $320 million arena-management deal and lease with potential owner Greg Jamison. Jamison said he hopes to buy the team in the next 30 to 60 days for an expected $170 million.

    “The major-league franchise has a very strong obligation to be a partner with the city it resides in,” Jamison said.

    “Eight years and 11 months later, hopefully we are celebrating an event as important to our arena as the opening itself,” Councilwoman Joyce Clark said.

    The new deal between Jamison and the City has lighter payments in the first five years, and has incentives for him to bring in non-hockey related events, as well as penalties for NHL lockouts.

  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Part of the Glendale City Council vote: “1. The city receives 15% of the naming rights revenue of the arena and 15% from advertising revenue for city-owned parking spaces. 2. The total payment for the first five years is $71 million (arena management fee) compared to $95 million in previous agreement. 3. (My fav) The Arena Manager will pay the city $60,000 for every game not played during the season caused by a lock out or player’s strike.”


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No CBA meetings scheduled … Jamison’s partner/investor … Ovi may stay in Russia … OHL fighting rule … Allaire-Leafs coaches riff

  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA talked yesterday. There are no CBA meetings scheduled for today or tomorrow. Both sides are off to Edmonton for the Alberta Labour Board hearing that is scheduled for Friday morning.
  • David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail: The Tohono O’Odhan Nation is in a battle with the City of Glendale to build a casino resort beside the community, is also the major investor for Greg Jamison’s bid to buy the Coyotes according to a source. It’s not known if they are a partner or an investor, and could hold up to 50% interest. Glendale has already spent $2.5 million in legal costs fighting the tribe’s bid to build a casino.
  • CSN Washington via twitter: Alex Ovechkin: “If our $ get slashed, I’ll have to think about return to NHL, Won’t rule out staying in Russia past this season”
  • Tony Amrogio via twitter: OHL commissioner David Branch confirms the introduction of a fighting rule. “Fights #11-15 = 2 game susp each, fights #16-20 = 2 games plus $1,000 team fine “
  • Damien Cox of the Toronto Star: Francois Allaire said he quit the Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs said they weren’t going to invite him back. There was a riff between Allaire and the Leafs coaching staff. Here is what is known:

     • In late fall, with the team trying to improve its penalty killing, assistant coach Greg Cronin wanted to have Allaire and the goalies sit in on penalty-killing meetings. Allaire didn’t want that. Cronin said he’d already talked to James Reimer.

    Allaire warned Cronin not to speak to his goalies. Cronin responded in a most unfriendly way, and unrest within the staff was born.

    • Ron Wilson, dismayed with how Jonas Gustavsson and Reimer were playing so passively deep in the crease, asked Allaire in early February to get them to play more aggressively. Allaire said he had no intention of altering the way his goalies were playing.

    Wilson, out of sheer frustration, finally went directly to the goalies, bypassing the celebrated goalie guru. Soon, Allaire and the other coaches weren’t even on speaking terms.

    • Randy Carlyle, who had worked with Allaire in Anaheim, gave the goalie coach a list of three conditions he would have to meet if he wanted to return for the 2012-13 season. The list included: working a maximum 17 days a month, including six with the Marlies, rather than being around the team every day; apologizing to the coaches on staff he had offended; and a commitment to teaching a more aggressive goaltending style.

    Allaire refused to agree to any of the three conditions.

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The CBA talks … Some of the fallout that may happen … Another issue with the Coyotes sale?

  • David Pagnotta via twitter: The NHL has proposed the salary cap numbers for the next 6 seasons, but concern is how will teams get under the cap since so many are over. A source said the NHL is willing to discuss transitioning contracts over to accommodate the salary cap. This hasn’t been discussed yet, but could have come up in yesterdays meetings.
  • Dan Rosen via twitter: A NHLPA rep said negotiations won’t start until this afternoon at the earliest, but could get pushed back until Friday.
  • Matias Strozyk via twitter: Rangers Henrik Lundqvist told Expressen that he’ll remain in North America for the fall, but if the lockout cancels the whole season, he’d like to play for Frolunda.
  • Eric Stephens of the OC Register: Ducks Teemu Selanne said he’d consider playing in Finland if there is a long lockout.

    “One of my best buddies [Jarmo Kekalainen] is the GM for them,” Selanne said. ”Let’s see. I say that I want to think about it. Let’s see how things go and we’ll see.

    “Obviously I know there’s a spot for me if I want to go. Like I said, I’m still optimistic but it doesn’t look good.”

  • Lisa Halverstadt of the Arizona Republic: Coyotes potential owner Greg Jamison said he’s ready to move forward, but now the city of Glendale wants to rework the 20 year, $324 million deal with him. The city was expected to send Jamison an updated draft last night.

    “We have the funds together,” he said. “We’re ready to go forward, and I’m ready to sign the deal that was negotiated earlier in the summer.”

    Glendale City Council directed administrators in a closed door session on Monday to not sign the deal until he buys the team from the NHL and amendments can be made to some parts of the deal.

    “Since June, the city and the NHL have been saying the next step is for Mr. Jamison to purchase the team, at which time the city was ready to sign the agreement,”she said. “At this time, in light of other issues, the council has asked us to go back and look at options that are feasible in terms of the management agreement.”

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A deal in place to buy the Coyotes … Radulov-Kostitsyn could return … Trade Anderson? Staal to ‘Canes makes sense … Giroux hit could get a look at

  • John Manasso of Predators coach Barry Trotz said there is a “high probability” that Alex Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn will return for Game 5. The Predators are down 3-1 in the series and were shut out in their last game.
  • Dave Zorn via twitter: TV reports that there is a deal between the NHL and Greg Jamison to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. Gary Bettman and Jamison will be in town and have a press conference on Tuesday. David Pagnotta via twitter: The sale still needs to be approved by the Board of Governors and by Glendale City Council. Lisa Halverstadt via twitter: Sources are saying that Jamison is trying to get an item on the Glendale City Council agenda for Tuesday.
  • Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun: It’s unlikely to happen, but Brennan thinks it might be a good time for the Senators to trade Craig Anderson, especially if Daniel Alfredsson is going to retire. Some of their offensive prospects still may need some time in the minors, and they may not be able to get any offensive players in free agency. Dealing from their strength, goaltending, could be an option. Putting Anderson in a package could get them a point producing forward and a defensive defenseman. The Lightning, Devils, Jets and Blue Jackets may be eager to talk. Malcolm Subban could be a draft option at #15.
  • Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail: Reasons that Jordan Staal may be dealt are the Penguins burgeoning payroll, how the new CBA may look, and that he’s 3rd on the Pens depth chart behind Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. The Pens wouldn’t make a draft day trade with the Oilers for the #1 pick just to make a splash since the draft is in Pittsburgh. A trade to the Hurricanes to reunite with his brother Eric does make some sense. The Hurricanes have defenseman Justin Faulk, Staal wannabe Brandon Sutter (not as much offensive upside) and the 8th overall pick.
  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: The Canadiens are in discussions with the Maple Leafs to bring in Rick Dudley. A move from the Leafs to the Canadiens is complicated in that both teams have high picks in the draft, and Dudley has done the prep work on it for the Leafs. The Leafs would prefer to wait until the draft is over before Dudley became the Canadiens assistant GM.
  • The League will look at Flyers Claude Giroux’s hit on Danius Zubrus, but will a suspension come down?

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