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Morning Hits: Devils, Outdoor Games, Shelly and Dillon

  • David Giambusso of the Star-Ledger: Officials are saying that Jeff Vanderbeek could sell the New Jersey Devils or take a small role, and it could happen as early as today. Devils GM Lou Lamoriello would not say anything about the situation. Some with close knowledge of the situation said the sale could take place in the next couple days and certainly within the next couple of months. Vanderbeek would be bought out or hold a minority stake. There are three groups that are said to be interested in purchasing the team. Reports may not be true the NHL is about to takeover the team. The lease with Newark and the Prudential Center Arena are likely to remain intact.
  • CBC: The NHL will hold four outdoor games in January and two in March.

    “If you’re looking at it on a national basis, obviously we’re doing more,” commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday at Yankee Stadium, which will host two games in January. “But for teams and markets that want to host this (event), for fans that want to attend, we can’t do enough of them.”

    Games will be played at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, Chicago’s Soldier Field, Yankee Stadium (two games), the Heritage Classic in Vancouver and the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Mich.

    “The reason we’re doing more outdoor games is really what it’s now doing locally,” Bettman said. “This is an incomparable event and what happens is fans get connected to the game in ways they never imagined, we get new fans who, for the first time, will come and be a part of this. This is a fan-oriented, fan-driven event, and that’s why we’re doing so many games so we can bring it to more fans.”

  • Shawn Mitchell: Forward Jody Shelly has retired from the NHL and will take a job with the Blue Jackets.
  • Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News: After a successful first NHL season, Stars defenseman Brenden Dillon could find himself in a variety of spots this season. He could be reunited with Stephane Robidas, used as support for the 39-year old Sergei Gonchar or with Trevor Daley which could become their future shutdown pair.

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The Coyotes situation and Seattle … Relocation and/or expansion

  • Joe Yerdon of Pro Hockey Talk: From HNIC Hotstove: Glen Healy reports that if the deal with the City of Glendale doesn’t go through by July 2nd, the NHL would sell the team to Ray Bartoszek and Anthony Lanza for $220 million and then move the team to Seattle. Jeremy Roenick would be part of their hockey operations.
  • Chris Daniels of King 5 News: The Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, has confirmed that he had spoken with Gary Bettman two weeks ago about bringing a team to Seattle and Key Arena this fall. Ray Bartoszek and Anthony Lanza are looking at buying the Coyotes to move them to Seattle.

    “I let him know of the situation here, and that we were supportive of bringing the NHL to Seattle,” McGinn said. “We have Key Arena, so we talked about the potential of them being in Key Arena, while we continue to work on a new arena plan.”

    The NHL has given the City of Glendale until June 25th to work out a new lease agreement with the latest prospective buyer. Bettman has said that the team could relocate if a deal can’t be worked out by June 25th. A team in Seattle would play at Key West for two years, which would seat about 11,000 for hockey.

    “I really want to bring down expectations. We are very clearly Plan B for the NHL and this team.  I feel compelled to say this after the experience we had with Sacramento than the likelihood of us having a team here in a couple of weeks is low.”

  • David Pagnotta: Behind all the talk of the Phoenix ownership talk is “expansion,” and it will come up more often in the near future. Seattle would be a candidate as well as Quebec City, Toronto/Markham. If the Coyotes were to move to Seattle, that would mean that Quebec City and Markham would be next on list for expansion. If the Coyotes were to remain in Glendale, Seattle and Quebec City would be at the top of the list. Other cities like Houston would get consideration, but that is awhile a way.

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Bruins owner Jacobs talks about the lockout … Bettman meets with Katz Group and City

  • Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe: Bruins owner said didn’t want a lockout, but thought it was necessary to get the game on strong fiscal ground.

    “I am coming off winning a Stanley Cup [in June 2011]. I’ve got a sold-out building. I have a financially sound business — no debt. I’ve owned [the team] for 37 years. I’m the last guy that wants to shut this down. I don’t want this to shut down.

    “Unfortunately, I play in a league with 30 teams and when I step back and look what’s going on with the broadest sense of the league, I’ve got to play a role that is constructive. My selfish interest was definitely to keep this going within the parameters of the deal that was out there. But it [didn’t] make sense for the league, long-term.

    “We have a lot of people [among the 30 ownership groups] that were tired of this. A lot of people were promised that we would try to right-size this. And I had to play a role in it.

    “To be vilified, I don’t think is right, but . . . what’s my opinion on something like that?’’

    Jacobs thinks the lockout blame should fall on the players.

    “They had no expression or desire to make a deal,’’ he said, later adding, “if someone doesn’t engage, you don’t offer.’’

    “Nobody won,’’ said Jacobs. “But more importantly, no one lost.’’

  • John Shannon via twitter: Shannon confirms that Gary Bettman was in Edmonton on Friday. He had meetings with the Katz Group and the City about the new arena. There will be a council briefing on Wednesday.

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News involving the Jets, Wild, Canadiens, Rangers Penguins, Flyers and some CBA issues that weren’t really discussed

  • Ed Tait and Tim Campbell of the Winnipeg Free Press: Mark Scheifele will be invited to the Jets training camp. Zach Bogosian’s rehab from his wrist surgery is coming along fine and he may begin skating this week. His return date is unknown, and it’s possible that he misses the first month of the season.
  • Michael Russo of the Star-Tribune: Wild’s Pierre-Marc Bouchard said he’s ”pretty much symptom-free” and aiming for opening night. He hasn’t been cleared to play yet. Josh Harding, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in October, feels great and doesn’t foresee any problems. He isn’t sure how his weekly treatment will affect him though. Marco Scandella is still out with a groin injury, will be reevaluated this week. The Wild don’t plan on bringing Matt Dumba to camp.
  • The Fourth Period: Canadiens Tomas Plekanec suffered what is believed to be a pulled rib muscle in late December and may not be ready to start training camp. He hasn’t skated in 10 days, but could begin to do so today.

    “It’s better, but is going slower than I thought,” Plekanec told Czech reporters this morning. “This is gonna take some time. It’s not anything serious, that I know one hundred per cent.”

  • Katie Strang of ESPN: There will be little time for Michael Del Zotto and the Rangers to get a deal done, but they’ve already started the process.

    “I’m hoping to get something done as soon as possible,” Del Zotto told “I know my agents and Glen (Sather) are talking and I expect that they’ll try to get a deal that’s fair to me and the team.”

    Del Zotto was previously looking for a multi-year deal worth more than $3 million a season according to a source.

  • Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: The Penguins will look to sign Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang to contract extensions this summer. Both can sign an extension starting on July 1st. GM Ray Shero has talked to Sidney Crosby that it’s possible that Malkin could become the highest paid Penguin.

    “I did not anticipate what the salary-cap number would be, but I‘ve said over the years that you had to anticipate the (last labor contract) was ending,” Shero said. “And I wanted to be in a position to sign (captain Sidney) Crosby, Malkin and (defenseman Kris) Letang.”

  • Randy Miller of the Courier Post: Chris Pronger is expected to attend the Flyers training camp, but he’s unable to skate. He’s still suffering from post-concussion syndrome and will likely never play again. Look for Claude Giroux to be named captain of the Flyers.
  • Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe: Toronto was leading in the way in pushing to fix long-term back-diving contracts. The Sharks were another team opposed to those types of deals. One agent was miffed that a couple issues were hardly looked at or ignored.

    “No-trade contracts, just as one example,’’ he said. “Why, as a GM, would you give them out as routinely as these guys do? That never even got discussed. Or how about the arbitration process? The salaries that get swept into that whole thing probably serve as one of the most inflationary factors in the game. Barely a change to arbitration.

    “I get the 50/50 — that’s where the other leagues went, so you had to figure that’s what would happen here. And, yeah, that’s a huge change. But some of what didn’t get touched here, like, say, the age level for free agency, kinda shocks me. It stayed the same. So the players can’t call that a win, per se, but there’s value in the fact that a lot of it didn’t change.’’

    The agent added,

    “It’s pretty clear how Gary’s operated here,’’ said the agent, referring to Gary Bettman, league commissioner for all three lockouts in the game’s history. “If you look at the document, you can tell he’s ignored the input of hockey people, especially his own GMs, who are the guys who have to work with it every day. Nothing changed in no-trades, in arb, in age threshold for free agency . . . guaranteed contracts.

    “He’s an extremely bright guy, no one questions that. But I think he thinks his own GMs are dumb. He refuses to listen to most of them, and so you end up with a deal that wins on 50/50 and contract length — very important stuff —but then all this other vital stuff gets left alone.’’

    The same agent feels that Gary Bettman will soon be moved from his job. He would never be fired, but maybe in a year or two shift to another front office job, some advisory role. Bill Daly would be obvious choice to replace Bettman.

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PA doesn’t file disclaimer of interest … Pension and salary cap ceiling are big issues

  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: Settling the pension issue would be key to getting a deal done. There is still big money at stake for the NHL and NHLPA. Other issues would fall in easier. There are some owners who feel that the pension offer from the the NHLPA leaves them with too much liability. Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The players are still sour at the league over the pension issue. This needs to be resolved before any deal gets done. Darren Dreger via twitter: Entering yesterday, the NHLPA wanted the NHL to share in the pension cost. The bigger issue may be the teams ongoing liability to pay the pension after this CBA would expire. Eric Macramalla via twitter: In the past, the NHL has funded the majority of the pension, now they want the players to fund.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The 2nd year for salary cap remains a big issue. The NHL is still looking for $60 million. NHLPA is will to go to $65 million. The NHL doesn’t want the cap floor to move. David Pagnotta via twitter: The NHLPA is fighting hard to get the salary cap ceiling higher than the $60 million the NHL is aiming for.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: LeBrun is hearing that both sides were disappointed with the lack of true movement in each sides latest proposals.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Pagnotta was told that the NHLPA is willing to have a 10 year CBA and a 6 year max contract for free agents, but they countered on the 10% variance and the cap number.
  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: There were minor strides gained yesterday, with enough to bypass filing the disclaimer of interest. It is still in option, but would need a re-vote by the NHLPA. Bruce Garrioch via twitter: Don Fehr said they will keep their legal options open. They will be there for a meeting at 10:00 AM, with a mediator.
  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: Bettman is fighting for the smaller markets to pay less money, and wants the big markets (like the Canucks) to dismantle their roster despite the PA not asking for a cap on escrow.

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NHL responds with another counter offer … If sides aren’t far apart, NHLPA won’t file disclaimer

  • David Alter via twitter: Fehr said they received a comprehensive response from the NHL and hopes to respond to them [today]. Renaud Lavoie via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA will speak on the phone this morning and will decide when to meet. Gary Bettman: ”we anticipate being back together tomorrow.”
  • TSN: The NHL made another proposal last night, giving a 30 minute presentation on it.

    “They did make a comprehensive response to what we gave them,” players’ association executive director Donald Fehr said. “We asked a couple of questions. Now what we have to do is go through the document, try to make some sense out of it, compare it and see what the appropriate thing is to do next.”

    Gary Bettman wouldn’t give any details of their latest offer.

    “There were certain things that the players’ association asked for that we agreed to, there were some things that we moved in their direction, and there were other things that we said no,” he said. “That’s part of the process.”

  • NHLPA via twitter: Players in meetings: Craig Adams, Chris Campoli, Mathieu Darche, Rick DiPietro, Shane Doan, Andrew Ference, Ron Hainsey, Jamal Mayers & Martin St. Louis.
  • Eric Macramalla via twitter: “The players have authorized the #NHLPA to disclaim interest by tomorrow; however if NHLPA doesn’t it can do it later – no real deadline. NHLPA will only disclaim interest if it believes the sides are too far apart;Fehr has said they are close – so would be a surprise to see it. A precursor to a disclaimer is union statements like “we are just too far apart” and “this just isn’t going to get done”; haven’t heard that. So if the sides are close to a deal, don’t expect the NHLPA to disclaim interest by Jan 2 deadline; but if deal not close expect disclaimer. So disclaimer threat may act as catalyst to get a deal done – NHLPA will not hold another player vote authorizing disclaimer – now or never. There are still big issues that need resolving like the cap in 2013, escrow and make whole – this is a concern #nhl #nhlpa. On bad faith disclaimer issue – Fehr may have said sides are close – however Bettman has said they have been far apart – so may help PA. If Fehr dissolves NHLPA it may not be re-formed and may stay trade association – this may not be same as NBPA and NFLPA.”

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Talks could resume on Wednesday … Five reasons to have a season … Key points that went unreported

  • Chris Johnston via twitter: Sidney Crosby said he won’t be in the talks when they start up again. Burkle, Vinik, Tanenbaum and Chipman likely won’t either.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Bill Daly said there haven’t been any decisions made for the next round of meetings, but the “current thinking” is that the owners won’t be there.
  • Seth Rorabaugh via twitter: Gary Bettman has cancelled 2,224 regular season games, that is more than nine current NHL franchises: Sharks (1608), Lightning and Senators (1528), Ducks and Panthers (1444), Predators (1066), Jets/Thrashers (984) Jackets and Wild (902).
  • Kevin Allen of the USA Today:  Allen gives five reasons why he believes there will be a season: “1. The cards are all on the table. 2. The gap isn’t as wide as it once was. 3. There’s still time for a 48-game schedule. 4. A 10 year CBA could be in everyone’s best interest. 5. There is too much for both sides to lose.”
  • Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo! Sports: Cotsonika notes some key points that went unreported after last week’s meetings:

    • The NHL Players’ Association backed off on its proposal that the players’ share could not go backwards in terms of dollars starting in Year 2. It had been a non-starter for the NHL.

    • The NHLPA suggested a mid-level cap exception. The NHL told the union it was a non-starter. It is unclear whether it is still on the table.

    • The sides did not discuss how the payroll range — the salary cap and floor — would be calculated.

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Players were ready to play, Don said no … Fehr sends email to players … 3 key points for owners

  • Chris Johnston via twitter: Ron Hainsey said that the players were told by the NHL on Wednesday night that if they brought Don Fehr back into the room, it would potentially be ”a deal-breaker.”
  • Terry Koshan of the Toronto Star: NHLPA executive director, Don Fehr, sent an email to players, here are the key points:

    1. Transition payment (“make whole”): We moved off of our $393 Million proposal and accepted the League’s December 5 offer of $300 Million. This means there is an agreement on dollars.

    2. Individual SPC (standard player contract) length and Variability of SPCs: The Owners have proposed (i) a limit of 5 years, except that Players who re-sign with their Clubs could contract for 7 years, and (ii) a 5% limit on year-to-year salary variability in long-term deals. We believe that these restrictions would devastate the “middle class” of players and result in the NBA model, where a few players earn huge salaries while pushing everyone else down toward the minimum. (Their proposal would also undermine the free-agent market by giving a significant advantage to Clubs that want to re-sign their own Players.) Moreover, in spite of our concerns, in order to close the deal we moved from of our last offer (a 10-year limit and no limit on variability) and instead proposed an 8-year limit on all SPCs and a variability limit of 25% over the term of the SPC, applied to contracts of 7 years or longer.

    3. Pensions: We agreed to the Owners’ proposal on pensions, which included the Players’ commitment of $50 Million of the $300 Million transition payment in order to address Owners’ concerns about their liability in the event of underfunding.

    4. CBA Term: The League pressed hard for a 10-year term, moving off their previous proposal of 6 + 1, and doubling the length of their initial proposal of a 5 years. In fact, they’ve moved away from us on this issue from the very start. Nevertheless, in an effort to reach agreement, we made a major move towards them, offering an 8-year term, with a Player right to opt out after 6 years.

    5. Cap Benefit Recapture: We again made a move towards the League, responding to their complaint that this provision must apply to existing SPCs as well as new ones, by offering to cover all existing contracts that have 7 years or more remaining.

  • Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post: Gary Bettman’s opening remarks (video of Bettman’s press conference in previous post):

    “We’re at a loss to explain what happened. But things were not of the same tone as they had been on Tuesday. Nevertheless, the owners decided to try and continue to do everything possible to make a new collective bargaining agreement. The key for all of us — particularly the owners, but everybody associated with the game — was to have a long-term agreement. That’s what our fans deserve. That’s what the game deserves. That’s what the players deserve. And that’s what all of our business partners deserve. And that’s something we wanted to achieve, with a system that would work appropriately and would continue to enable us to have great competitive balance and grow the game. With that view in mind, the owners, particularly the four new ones that joined us … they wanted to push ahead and do something bold. And so, what they did, among other things, was virtually put a new $100-million on the table on Wednesday night in the hopes that would help show that we wanted to get back and play, which we do, very much, as quickly as possible. The union’s response was shockingly silent, so to speak, in terms of their reaction. It was almost no reaction. It was, ‘thank you, we’ll take the $100-million.’ The owners were beside themselves. Some of them, I had never seen that emotional. And they said they don’t know what happened, but this process is over — clearly, the union doesn’t want to make a deal, and this was from the four new entrants in the process.”

  • Dan Rosen via twitter: Bill Daly stressed that there are 3 must-have for the owners: 1. max 10 year CBA 2. shorter than 8 year max for contract lengths like the NHLPA proposed 3. no compliance issues. The NHL leaders have stressed that if it was a yes on those 3 points, they would continue to negotiate. If it was a no, they won’t negotiate. Obviously, it was a no.
  • Louis Jean via twitter: A source on the 5-7 year contract term limit: ”there shouldn’t be more give or else we’ll have another lockout. Might as well fix it now.”
  • Louis Jean via twitter: Source:  “If we can’t get a deal with Burkle, Brisson & Crosby, it may not get done. Take it to a vote or we’re probably not playing.”

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Video: Don Fehr’s 2nd press conference and Gary Bettman, Bill Daly press conference

Don Fehr’s 2nd press conference after NHL rejected the NHLPAs offer.


Gary Bettman and Bill Daly’s press conference: part 1


Gary Bettman and Bill Daly’s press conference: part 2


Gary Bettman and Bill Daly’s press conference: part 3

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A CBA round up from yesterday’s meetings

Both the NHL and NHLPA made proposals yesterday.

After last night’s meetings which ended around 1 am:

  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA may have cut back their numbers in tonight’s meetings. 3 owners and few players than earlier in the day.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The NHL has increased their ‘make whole’ number to $300 million, up from $211 million. The players offered $383 million in their offer 2 weeks ago. Bob McKenzie via twitter: For the $300 million ‘make whole,’ $250 million is to ‘make whole’ and $50 million is for pension funding.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The NHLPA will like that the NHL remained status quo on UFA and salary arbitration. The NHLPA won’t like the 5 year term limits on contracts (7 for a teams own UFA), 5% variance from year to year, and a 10 year CBA. The 10 CBA term length has an out clause after 8 years.
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The players may not love the NHLs latest proposal, but it might be enough for them to vote on it.
  • Katie Strang via twitter: Multiple sources told Strang that there is a growing concern with the NHLPA about the current format going forward. The PA is looking for no more restrictions on who is in the room. Some of the concern may be that this format could put a wedge among NHLPA members. One source said today’s session was “bizarre.” Having no restrictions on who is present in the room would mean that both Don Fehr and Gary Bettman would be present.
  • Rob Rossi via twitter: Both sides are still a bit frustrated. Penguins owner Ron Burkle not thrilled by the union.

Before the evening session:

  • Tim Panaccio via twitter: A 10 year CBA was discussed but not formally proposed. Owners want a 10 year deal more than players.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: The NHL would make certain “concessions” if the CBA would be longer than the offered 6-7 year deal. Concerns over player contracts and ‘make whole’ are still there.
  • Jesse Spector via twitter: “Thing I haven’t been able to grasp: Why would NHLPA want a shorter deal, and invite the owners to dip into their pockets again sooner?”
  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: If a deal gets reached soon, a 54 to 60 game season is possible. 54 games if they start around Christmas, 54 if they start January 1st.

Yesterday morning:

  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: There was talk in the Board of Governors meeting that there was a possible schedule if there is a deal. One executive said that a 60 game schedule is likely too many games, a 50 plus schedule is possible.
  • Michael Russo via twitter: Stars Alex Goligoski, ”It is positive that some progress was made, but until you’re in the final stages of this thing and things are agreed on by both sides, it’s almost foolish to be too optimistic.”
  • David Staples via twitter: Doug MacLean said that Gary Bettman intended to grind the players down until December 1st, then work to get a deal done.

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Cautious Optimism after last night’s talks … A GM says most owners want a deal, and that Bettman blew it

  • Katie Strang via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA are expected to reconvene around 9 am this morning, with the Board of Governors meeting at 11 am.
  • TSN videos on talks from last night, here and here.
  • Aaron Ward via twitter: Both sides may have discussed further means of ‘giving.’ Sides are encouraged by talks so far.
  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: Gulitti was told there was progress, but it’s still at a delicate stage. Similar situations before in talks that didn’t work out.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The players left the meetings around midnight last night. One player texted: ”There was certainly traction. But I don’t want to say more.” “Cautious Optimism” is a word being used by many. Bill Daly and Steve Fehr stood side-by-side addressing the media after the talks had finished. Penguins billionaire owner Ron Burkle “shined brightly in talks.” Burkle had been talking with Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby and Crosby’s agent, Pat Brisson, over the past couple weeks.
  • Players in New York yesterday: Craig Adams, David Backes, Michael Cammalleri, Sidney Crosby, B.J. Crombeen, Mathieu Darche, Shane Doan, Ron Hainsey, Shawn Horcoff, Jamal Mayers, Manny Malhotra, Andy McDonald, Ryan Miller, George Parros, Brad Richards, Martin St. Louis, Jonathan Toews , Kevin Westgarth.
  • Allan Walsh via twitter: Walsh talked with a GM who said that the majority of owners want a deal, and that Bettman blew it with their first 43/57 offer. Bettman, Jacobs, Batterman have no respect for the players and general managers, and that this lockout is a wasted opportunity to advance the game. One big complaint from the GM is that most owners don’t understand the nuances of the CBA. Most GMs see Bettman as the enemy. The GM used Lou Lamoriello as an example. Look at what happened after the Devils signed Kovalchuk: arbitration, big fine, loss of draft picks. Lamoriello was involved in a lot of negotiations during the last lockout, where is he now?
  • John Shannon via twitter: There are Board of Governors meetings today, and on Thursday/Friday the NHL and NHLPA will be in front of the Quebec Labor Board.

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Answer to Bettman’s proposal should be known today … NHL may have to be careful who they pick

  • TSN: The NHLPA will decide today if they will accept Bettman’s proposed player-owner meeting. The PA held a conference call late afternoon to go over what went on in the mediation talks, and what they will do going forward.
  • Chris Johnston via twitter: The NHL didn’t specify how many players and owners might attend Bettman’s proposed meeting if it’s accepted.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The players are “intrigued” by Bettman’s proposal but are a bit leery of conditions. “Will be telling if inability to set ground rules of proposed meeting were to kill it. Tough to get new CBA done if meeting rules a challenge”
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: If a deal doesn’t get done in the next week or so, and it doesn’t look like anything would get done, McKenzie would propose the following:

    “2 players, 2 agents, 2 owners, 2 GMs in room to settle remaining issues. 1 lawyer/side to document agreement that would be done in day or 2. Bettman and Fehr could only recommend acceptance or rejection to their respective constituents and then owners and players would vote on it. We’d either have deal in place and be playing games before Christmas or we’d know that everyone gave it their best shot and season is done.”

  • Henrik Lundqvist via twitter: “If the plan is to have meetings between players and owners to solve this mess, maybe it’s time to allow teams that actually are carrying the league finacially to get involved. So far I have not seen any invitations to the meeting room.”
  • Larry Brooks via twitter: Every player has been invited or encouraged by the NHLPA to attend the negotiations meeting, but the NHL has only allowed 4 owners to attend.
  • Bill Hoppe via twitter: Sabres Jordan Leopold on attending the proposed player-owner meetings: ”I don’t want any part of it.”
  • Aaron Portzline via twitter: “NHL has to be careful picking owners for face-to-face with players. How many might just shake hands w the players and say “Where do I sign?” Problem letting a wide array of owners take part is the wide array of needs from team to team. One team’s outrage is another team’s deal. To be clear, I’m all in favor of a new approach w fewer barriers between involved parties. Just think this is trickier than many realize.”
  • Canadiens P.K. Subban gives his thoughts on the proposed player-owner meeting.

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