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The Offseason “Winners” So Far Are ….

Written by Greg Stamper, who can be found on twitter @g_stamp91.

Despite the recent drop of in activity, the offseason in the NHL is an exciting time for both teams and fans. It provides each and every team with a period to reflect on what they have and determine what they need going forward to take the next step.

Some teams hit the jackpot and land their man, while others miss out and end up signing players or making trades simply to say they did something.

Let’s take this break in the action to look at this offseason’s winners and losers.

First up, the winners ….

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Top 10 2014 NHL Free Agent Goaltenders

Ryan Miller

Expanded look at unrestricted free agency this week by Todd Cordell, who can be found on twitter @ToddCordell. Other Top UFA pieces: Centers1-10 Wingers11-20 Wingers and Defenseman.

One of the more interesting things to follow in free agency will be seeing how the goaltending carousal plays out.

If you’re a GM looking for some help between the pipes, there are plenty of options. For a goaltender’s perspective, though, this class is worrisome in that there are quite a few quality goaltenders available and lots of good backups, but there are only 9-10 jobs available.

If a goaltender like Miller starts pricing himself out of consideration for some teams, he may be forced to sign for much less than you’d expect just to land a job.

In this post we’ll be looking at the top-10 goaltenders that could be available. Standard stats such as save percentage will be used along with personal opinion.

All numbers are via CapGeek,, HockeyAnalysis, and ExtraSkater.

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NHL Rumors IV: Boyle, Nabokov, Gaborik, Markov, Callahan, Leafs, Caps and Flyers

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: The Islanders are aggressively shopping the rights to Dan Boyle. The Sharks received 2015 5th round pick from the Islanders earlier this month for Boyle’s rights.

“Garth’s done a great job, he’s kept us abreast of everything along the way, we understand he’s got to protect his interests,” Boyle’s agent, George Bazos, told “That being said, we haven’t closed the door on talking to them. The Islanders gave Dan a lot to think about.”

Boyle will be looking for a two-year deal.

The Islanders had hoped to bring back Evgeni Nabokov, but it’s looking like that won’t happen.

“We couldn’t come to an agreement, it looks like he’s headed to July 1,” Snow said of Nabokov.

The Kings have already reached out to Marian Gaborik about a contract extension.

On Canadiens pending UFA defenseman Andrei Markov:

“No news. I don’t expect anything to happen anytime soon,” Markov’s agent, former NHLer Sergei Berezin, told via text Wednesday morning. “But you never know.”

Ryan Callahan’s agent:

“Good-faith talks with Tampa continue, hard to handicap at this point,” Bartlett said via email Wednesday morning

Darren Dreger: The Islanders did offer Dan Boyle a two-year deal. The dollar amount is not known, but he’ll likely get upwards of $5 million.

Howard Berger: The Maple Leafs have spoken with the Islanders about trading for Dan Boyle’s rights.

Dave Molinari: If healthy, Tomas Vokoun is a logical candidate to backup Braden Holtby in Washington.

CapGeek: @Davegisaac confirms that the Flyers will have $345,000 in bonus overages.

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NHL Rumors III: Spezza, Kesler, Campbell and the Islanders

  • Bruce Garrioch: The Maple Leafs and Canadiens are not on Jason Spezza’s 10 team no-trade list as he knows he likely won’t be sent to either place.
  • Aaron Portzline: As best as Portzline can tell with the Blue Jackets regarding Spezza not wanting to go there, the feeling is mutual.
  • Andy Strickland: Have been told that Spezza’s top choice would be a trade to the Blues. Talk is he thinks he’s headed to the Blues or Ducks.
  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean “With Spezza you have Stl, Ana. Nash jumped in and expressed interest recently” … “With Kesler it’s Ana, Stl. The Blues are desperate for that second line C”
  • James Mirtle: Panthers Brian Campbell’s no-trade clause allows him to pick eight teams he’s accept a trade too. George Richards: (as of 3:20 pm yesterday) Panthers GM Dale Tallon said in a text that Brian Campbell hadn’t requested a trade with him.
  • Arthur Staple: The Islanders and Evgeni Nabokov are not close on a new contract. They need to find a backup or two for Jaroslav Halak.
  • Brian Compton: If the Islanders don’t bring Nabokov back, two prime candidates could be Ray Emery and Al Montoya.
  • Chris Botta: Islanders owner Charles Wang values the team at $400 million. Barroway and his partners are trying to buy 80 percent.

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NHL Rumors I: Islanders Could Trade Pick To Fill Holes, Flames, Leafs and Oates

  • Brett Cyrgalis of the NY Post: After signing Jaroslav Halak to a four year deal, Islanders GM Garth Snow said that talks between the Islanders and Evgeni Nabokov are “still ongoing.” The Islanders will keep the 5th overall pick this year and will send the Sabres their 2015 1st round pick as part of the Thomas Vanek-Matt Moulson trade. Snow is open to trading the 5th pick.

    “Absolutely. We’re open to any deal that might make the team better. If that’s trading the pick for a player, standing pat and picking a quality player at No. 5, or trading it to move up or down, we’re open.”

  • Rory Boylen of The Hockey News: Secondary scoring remains an issue for the Islanders, they lack a proven leader on the blueline and need improve their overall depth. It is looking like GM Garth Snow could be active this summer. Could the Islanders make their 5th overall pick available to fill a roster hole or two? Teams that could be looking to do something big at the draft are the Penguins, Sharks, Canucks and Islanders.
  • SportsNet: Flames executive Craig Conroy said they have a specific player in mind at the No. 4 slot at this years draft, but are excited at the group of players that could be there for them.
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “There hasn’t been any contact with the Leafs & Oates. Leafs are respectful that Oates wants to be a head coach.” … “The Leafs will allow that process to continue with interest from Carolina.” … “Although I’m told Carolina really wants to go cheap in the hiring of their coach” … “and what interest Tallon may have in Florida [with regards to Oates]” … “So there’s a process the Leafs are comfortable waiting for Oates & others to go through” … “I know that the Leafs are still working on the fact finding side of things. Putting names on paper” … “They’ll get to the interview process very shortly”

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NHL Rumors II: Ryan Miller and Goalie Market – Who Is Available and Who Could Be Looking For A Goalie

  • Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Brian Elliott’s three-year, $7.5 million deal and Jake Allen set to play in the NHL next year, means that they won’t be bringing Ryan Miller back.

    “At the trade deadline, we took a calculated gamble of bringing in Ryan and we didn’t have the success that we needed as an organization … certainly not all reflective on Ryan,” Armstrong said. “It’s a team game and as an organization we are responsible.

    “But it was additional payments necessary to Buffalo if we signed Ryan. That would have been basically moving back a full round in the draft … and we just felt at this time, it was better for us to go with Elliott and Jake Allen.”

    Blues GM Doug Armstrong met with Miller last week to him know their decision.

  • John Vogl of the Buffalo News: The Blues-Sabres trade is basically finalized now: Miller and Steve Ott for Chris Stewart, Jaroslav Halak, William Carrier, 2015 1st round pick and a 2016 3rd round pick. There are two conditions that could change the deal if the Blues decide to trade Miller’s rights.

    If St. Louis trades Miller prior to the June 27 draft, the deal becomes the following: Buffalo sends Miller, Ott, a 2014 second-round pick originally belonging to Minnesota and a 2014 third-rounder to St. Louis for Stewart, Halak, Carrier, the 2015 first-rounder, the 2016 third-round selection plus a 2014 first-round pick.

    If St. Louis trades Miller after it makes its first-round pick and before the start of free agency July 1, the trade finalizes as Miller and Ott to the Blues for Stewart, Halak, Carrier, the 2015 first-round pick and a 2016 second-round selection.

  • Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area: The Sharks could look at trading Antti Niemi and signing Ryan Miller. Miller could be looking to get between $5 and $6 million a year, but that number may drop after his playoff performance. The Sharks may not want to go more than two or three years.
  • Mike Brehm of USA Today: Ryan Miller now joins a goalie free agent market that includes: Jaroslav Halak, Jonas Hiller, Martin Brodeur, Tim Thomas, Evgeni Nabokov and Ilya Bryzgalov. Cam Ward may be on the trade block. The Ducks look to be going with Frederik Andersen and John Gibson next season. The Sharks could be looking for a new goalie, but would need to trade Antti Niemi first. The Canucks, Capitals and Penguins could be looking for goalie.
  • Lou Korac: Source said that the Blues and Ryan Miller talked contract extension, but Miller was asking for too much money.
  • Jeremy Rutherford: Ryan Miller’s agent Mike Liut in an email: “The Blues were unwilling to wait until July to sign Ryan and need to address other concerns they have in their lineup.”
  • Greg Brady: Told yesterday that the Red Wings will “weigh options” with regards to Ryan Miller this off-season. There has always been interest. Jimmy Howard has five years left at $5.25 million. The Wings wouldn’t move him unless they could “upgrade” him. Brady thinks they could trade Howard. Brady doesn’t think the Wings are the front-runners.

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NHL Rumors II: The Islanders and Blues Goaltending Situation

  • Arthur Staple: If the Islanders are able to sign Jaroslav Halak, GM Garth Snow says he’s not finished there: “Right now we have 0 goalies signed. Probably not wise to go into a season w/ 1 goalie.”
  • Brett Cyrgalis of the NY Post: Islanders GM Garth Snow had a “positive conversation” with Jaroslav Halak’s agent, Allan Walsh. Halak is believed to be looking for a three to five year deal worth around $4 million a season.

    “It’s still a long way from getting him signed,” Snow said. “It’s obviously going to come down to money and term, like it usually does.”

    “We would still like to bring Nabby back, if it’s under the right circumstances.

  • Lou Korac of In the Slot: Ryan Miller on if he’d like to get something done with the Blues soon or to take it into free agency:

    I’m not sure. I have to have more discussion with management on where they’re at with everything. It’s not something we’re going to do two or three days after we lost. It’s something where you kind of want to get away from the situation by a few weeks probably. I’m sure they’ll want to have something, an answer on their side, before the draft. It’s more directed towards Doug (Armstrong) and the coaching staff and how they kind of see this team being built. That being said, I liked my time here, (I’m) open to staying. I think it’s a solid organization from the top down. We’ll just see what happens.

  • Lou Korac of In the Slot: Blues Brian Elliott on testing the free agent market and what he thinks his worth is:

    Based on everything, I think you know what your worth is. It’s not about that, it’s about where you want to be. The opportunities that are available out there are available here. It’s about an opportunity for me to play and what’s best moving forward.

    Elliott on if he thinks he’s a No. 1 starter:

    I have to prove that obviously. It’s about getting opportunities to be able to prove that. I think I’ve made a reputation throughout the league as a hard-working guy that can come in and win big games and do a lot for a team. It’s about trying to make that next step and try to be a No. 1. Like I always say, if you don’t prepare and go into a summer and an individual workout in that summer and say, ‘This is to be a backup,’ you’re not doing yourself justice. You always want to try and push yourself and get to the next level. Whether it’s attainable or not, you have to push it.

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NHL Rumors: Devils, Islanders, Blues, Jets, Maple Leafs, Gilmour and the Bruins

  • Randy Miller of It’s very likely the Devils will make a strong attempt to sign Cory Schneider to a long-term contract. His deal expires after next season. If they are not able to sign him to an extension, they could look to trade him before the start of next season and possibly re-sign Martin Brodeur.  Schneider has said he’s not sure if he’d sign an extension this summer if an offer was fair or if he’d rather play out next season. Miller spoke with Schneider’s agent, Mike Liut. (many questions/answers in link above)

    Q: That sounds like you might think Schneider playing out his contract could be the better route.

    Liut: We don’t know what New Jersey’s thinking. Let’s not be presumptuous. When I get into these conversations with writers, the one thing that scares me is it comes off that Cory is presumptuously deciding today that is what it’s going to be and we’re making decisions. We don’t have anything. We have a clean slate. To say that we haven’t made any decisions would be to overstate our position. There’s no offer.”

  • Arthur Staple of Newsday: Evgeni Nabokov would like to continue playing for the Islanders. The Islanders and Nabokov’s camp won’t talk until after the season. He could do a one-year deal. The Isles may look to acquire a young but experience goalie to be their No. 1 next year.
  • Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal: Blues Derek Roy likely won’t be back next year and they could use the $4 million that will be off the books to attempt re-sign Ryan Miller. The Jets may look to deal either Evander Kane or Dustin Byfuglien to shake up their core.
  • David Pagnotta: Pagnotta thinks that trade talks involving Jets Evander Kane will pick up this offseason. The Jets will look to retool.
  • Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun: Talk of whether or not Evander Kane will be with the Jets next year has begun again. He has been in the rumor for years, dating back to 2011 and a potential deal with the Flyers. Other teams have also been part of the rumors. It’s not known if Kane has asked for a trade. Kane carries a $5.25 million cap hit for the next four seasons. The Jets could keep Kane and hope that he matures both on and off the ice. The Jets could also tire of the situation and move him like the Bruins did with Tyler Seguin.
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “Go down the list, Nonis may be looking to dangle some guys like Lupul. Maybe he needs to shake up the core to help Bolland” … “I think there is a strong appetite for Leaf fans, and there should be, to bring back Dave Bolland
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “Maybe we need to start talking about likes of Lupul, Phaneuf, go down the list. Some of these guys that have been unable to deliver” … “Maybe they [players mentioned in previous tweet] should be part of the discussion of change?”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “McClement for the most part has been a good player for the Leafs & mgmt will want him back.” … “Raymond too, but you won’t get that guy back for $1 mill. He’ll be $2.5-$3.”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “I think the Leafs believe they have players in the AHL that can step in and fill Kulemin’s role”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “If I’m Nonis I’m worried. Sure I can fire the coach, but would a new guy fire up and ignite this bunch?” … “Leiweke said to me, a few months back, that he was very supportive of hockey ops and would stay away”
  • Murray Pam: Agent Darryl Wolski is reporting that Doug Gilmour is leaving the Kingston Frontenacs (OHL) to coach Lev Praha of the KHL.
  • Matt Kalman: Bruins coach Claude Julien will rest players this week. All players will travel with the team.
  • CapGeek: There will be quite a few teams that will have bonus overages this year that will be carried over to next year. The Bruins will likely have the biggest cap penalty.

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Morning Rumors and Notes: Top 5 Goalie, Larsson, Omark, Curry, Kuznetsov and Olympics

  • Doug Mittler of ESPN: Top 5 goaltenders that could be traded: 1. Ryan Miller – the Wild, Capitals and Blues could be interested. 2. Martin Brodeur 3. Cam Ward 4. Tim Thomas 5. Evgeni Nabokov.
  • Randy Miller of Devils Adam Larsson is frustrated with being in the AHL, but realizes it could be good in the long run. His name will likely be in trade rumors as the trade deadline approaches. The Devils could use some scoring forwards. When asked about trade rumors:

    “I don’t look at that,” he said with a smile. “It would kill you right away, so I wouldn’t do that.”

  • Renaud Lavoie: The Sabres put Linus Omark on $125 waivers. The Wild put John Curry on waivers. Bob McKenzie: Curry on waivers as he’s signed an NHL deal and needs to clear waivers first. He signed a two-way deal with the Wild in a depth move. There are no immediate plans to call him up. Renaud Lavoie: Curry’s two-deal is for $550,000.
  • Neil Greenberg: Looking like Evgeni Kuznetsov will be joing the Capitals this season.
  • Mark Lazerus: Gary Bettman on the 2018 Winter Olympics: “It’s nothing that’s been discussed. It’s nothing that will be discussed while we’re here in Sochi.” Rob Longley: Bettman: “No discussion in that regard. Period on that subject.”
  • Stephen Whyno: Team Canada lines at practice: Kunitz-Crosby-Bergeron, Duchene/Benn-Getzlaf-Perry, Marleau-Toews-Carter, Sharp-Tavares-Nash/St. Louis.
  • Dan Rosen: Rangers and Norway’s forward Mats Zuccarello misses today’s game with a hand injury.

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Afternoon Hits: Miller, Moulson, Stamkos, Zetterberg, Grabovski, JVR, Isles, Lines and Goalies

  • Jeremy Rutherford: Regarding Ryan Miller ... Rutherford thinks the Blues are interested, but no reason to believe something is imminent.
  • Josh Yohe: Sabres Matt Moulson: “People have been trading me since the day I showed up in Buffalo. It’s out of my control.”
  • Joe Smith: Lightning’s Steven Stamkos had off-ice rehab today.
  • Ansar Khan: Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg tweaked his back and is day-to-day.
  • Adam Vingan: Capitals Brooks Laich gets a maintenance day. Mikhail Grabovski is day-to-day with a lower-body injury. Sky Kerstein: Coach Adam Oates said that he expects Laich to play tomorrow and Grabovski to miss the game.
  • Brett Cyrgalis: The Islanders activate Lubomir Visnovksy and Evgeni Nabokov from the IR and return Matt Donovan and Anders Nilsson to the AHL.
  • David Alter: Maple Leafs Trevor Smith and Dave Bolland both practiced today in no-contact jerseys.
  • Jonas Siegel: Leafs James van Riemsdyk left practice with an apparent injury. Seemed to tweak something in his leg. James Mirtle: Randy Carlyle said that Phil Kessel and van Riemsdyk have been nursing injuries injuries lately.
  • James Mirtle: Leafs Peter Holland hasn’t played much wing, but he’s willing to try. Leafs will have an extra center when Dave Bolland is able to return.
  • Shelly Anderson: Penguins lines: Kunitz-Crosby-Gibbons Jokinen-Malkin-Neal Glass-Sutter-Megna Pyatt-Adams-Engelland (Ebbett-Kobasew)
  • John Lu: Canadiens lines: Pacioretty Desharnais Gallagher, Eller Plekanec Gionta, Bourque Brière Prust, Moen Bournival Parros.
  • Mark Stepneski: Stars lines: Benn-Seguin-Nichushkin; Roussel-Eakin-Garbutt; Whitney-Fiddler-Cole; Peverley-Horcoff-Chiasson. Defensive pairings: Goligoski-Daley; Benn-Dillon; Rome-Gonchar.
  • Michael Smith: Anton Khudobin will start in net for the Hurricanes.
  • Josh Yohe: Marc-Andre Fleury will start in net for the Penguins.
  • Wayne Scanlan: Craig Anderson will start in net for the Senators.

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