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Morning Hits: Vanek, Burke, Hull, Ovechkin and Dvorak

  • John Vogl of the Buffalo News: Sabers Thomas Vanek is entering his the last year of deal and has been surrounded by trade talks.

    “No, not at all,” he said. “My end-of-the-year meeting was good. I just said my thoughts. I never asked for a trade, so from that point on I’m not surprised that I’m still here. But at the same time, if they would have moved me, I wouldn’t have been surprised either way.

    “This is just a story that until something happens people want to know. To me, it’s not an issue.”

    Vanek hasn’t shut the door on a contract extension, but wants to see how the young does before deciding.

    “I just want to see where it goes,” Vanek said. “I have that right, and I’m taking it. I don’t feel like I’m doing a disservice to anyone. Some people might agree with me, some don’t. That’s the way it goes either way.”

  • Calgary Flames: Flames GM  Jay Feaster will report to Brian Burke, the President of Hockey Operations. David Shoalts: “Call the titles what you like but Brian Burke was just named general manager of the Calgary Flames and Jay Feaster drops to assistant GM.”
  • Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Multiple reports that Brett Hull will be named at the Blue Vice President and will focus on the business side of operations. The deal isn’t finalized, but it could be done as early as next week.
  • Stephen Whyno: Capitals Alex Ovechkin on the KHL rumors, ”I have a contract” with a Capitals. Ovechkin said that there is no problems with his foot that had a hairline fracture in the playoffs.
  • Allan Walsh: Radek Dvorak has accepted the Hurricanes offer to attend their training camp.

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Nothing scheduled … 3 road block issues … Hull on Oates

  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: There are 3 road block issues right now. 1. The core economic issue:  The NHL offered $211 million in deferred payments plus interested to ‘make whole.’ The NHLPA maybe looking for something closer to $600 million. They are looking for $1.883 billion plus 1.75% in the first year of the deal. 2.  Player contracting rights: It has become a bigger issue over the last week. The NHL won’t move on this until it has the ‘make whole’ figured out. The NHLPA doesn’t won’t to move on the current player rights since they are going down to 50% from 57%. The NHL wants the NHLPA to counter on this area, but the NHLPA say they are not interested in any of it. LeBrun thinks the NHL should move to 8 years/28 years old old to 7 and 27, and not to change the entry-level or salary arbitration systems. Also to give up on 5 year contract max. Aspects that the NHL should hold firm on are the 5% rule for contracts (year-to-year can only go up or down 5%), stashing NHL contracts in the AHL, and the  back-diving rule in which if a player retires before his contract expires, the original team gets his cap hit. 3. The damage of the lockout: After cancelling November games, Bill Daly estimates they’ve lost $720 million, and that doesn’t include the Winter Classic. They need to figure out how to “share in the pain” of the lockout damage for a shortened season (if there is one). The NHL will see as a 50-50 split. The NHLPA may say it’s more of an NHL issue since they locked the players out. They did get close on revenue sharing, with the NHL coming up to $220 million from $150 million, with the NHLPA may be wanting to modify how the program is run.
  • Elliotte Friedman via twitter: The Bruins have 12 players under contract for 2014-15 (excluding Doug Hamilton), the Flyers have 10, the Maple Leafs and Rangers have 3. Great little story from Brett Hull on Adam Oates:

    “I always felt bad for the guy on our left wing. He would come to the bench and he’d ask Adam, ‘Did you see me? I was wide open.’ He’d look at the guy and go, ‘Yeah I saw you, but who do you think I want to pass to — you or Brett?’”

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No Gretzky in Dallas? Kovalchuk Waiting Until After Playoffs to Talk Contract … Vokoun on the Move?

  • Mark Everson of the NY Post: Ilya Kovalchuk has no plans on having contract negotiations with the New Jersey Devils until the playoffs are over. “I don’t think anything is going to happen before we’re done,” Kovalchuk said. “I don’t want anything to interfere with the team. I’m still looking for my first win in the playoffs.” It might be good news for the Devils in that he at least is interested in the possibility of re-signing with the Devils.
  • George Richards of the Miami Herald: Tomas Vokoun’s tenure as the Florida Panthers goalie could be down to it’s last week. Under contract through next season, Vokoun has been subject to trade rumors for at least a year. The Panthers have Scott Clemmensen under contract for 2 more years and has played well. Tyler Plante and Alexander Salak have been solid in the AHL. They are close to signing U. of Denver goalie, Marc Cheverie. But the one of the main reasons for a likely trade of Vokoun is Jacob Markstrom, their 2008 1st round pick. Markstrom is one of the top goalies outside the NHL, and is likely to sign a contract this summer. They may want Markstrom to start in the minors, but he might be ready to be a backup in the NHL.

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Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull Trying to Buy the Dallas Stars

According to the Dallas Observer and TSN, Brett Hull is trying to bring Wayne Gretzky and Mike Modano on board to buy the Dalls Stars. “It’s nothing formal, as if they’re about to sign on the dotted line,” says one source. “But it’s gone past kicking the tires. This could happen.” Sources told TSN, though Hull has talked to Gretzky, they’ve haven’t talked about it in at least 6 weeks.

Brett Hull is currently the Stars Executive Vice President. Mike Modano might retire at the end of the season. Modano told the Stars PR that he “doesn’t know anything about this”.

Current Dallas Stars owner is looking to sell the Dallas Stars and arena, and is selling the Texas Rangers. He owes banks and leagues somewhere in the $670 million range. His deal for selling the Rangers should be finalized April 19th.

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