NHL Rumors I: Coaching Edition – Babcock, Carlyle, Keenan and Stevens

NHL Rumors I: Coaching Edition – Babcock, Carlyle, Keenan and Stevens

  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Holland and Babcock make a joint decision on Mike leaving. There is too much respect between the two” … “Not a lot of love between Babcock and his players. People think there is, but there isn’t. Babcock can’t be a lame duck coach” … “Babcock will not like Shanahan. I don’t think Carlyle likes Shanahan right now”
  • Jimmy Murphy: The Panthers, Canucks and Capitals may have vacant coaching positions until the Maple Leafs decide what they are doing with Randy Carlyle.
  • Mike Brophy of CBC: Mike Keenan may not be that interested in returning to coach in the NHL.

    “I actually never thought about it and I don’t think about it anymore,” Keenan told me Tuesday. “People had an opportunity to hire me before and they didn’t.

    “I was out for about three years and doing TV, and when the opportunity to coach in Russia came along, I took some time to think about it and then decided to do it. They want me back, and at this point that’s the only option I have.

    “I’m too old to be sitting here worrying about if I’m going to get a chance to coach in the NHL again. I did not take the job in the KHL as a vehicle to get me back to the NHL. I know I can coach in the NHL, but there is no interest.”

  • Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun: Kings assistant coach John Stevens could become a hot commodity. Currently the Canucks, Hurricanes, Capitals and Panthers are looking for a coach.