NHL Rumors I: Coaching Edition – Babcock, Carlyle, Keenan and Stevens

NHL Rumors I: Coaching Edition – Babcock, Carlyle, Keenan and Stevens

  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Holland and Babcock make a joint decision on Mike leaving. There is too much respect between the two” … “Not a lot of love between Babcock and his players. People think there is, but there isn’t. Babcock can’t be a lame duck coach” … “Babcock will not like Shanahan. I don’t think Carlyle likes Shanahan right now”
  • Jimmy Murphy: The Panthers, Canucks and Capitals may have vacant coaching positions until the Maple Leafs decide what they are doing with Randy Carlyle.
  • Mike Brophy of CBC: Mike Keenan may not be that interested in returning to coach in the NHL.

    “I actually never thought about it and I don’t think about it anymore,” Keenan told me Tuesday. “People had an opportunity to hire me before and they didn’t.

    “I was out [of coaching] for about three years and doing TV, and when the opportunity to coach in Russia came along, I took some time to think about it and then decided to do it. They want me back, and at this point that’s the only option I have.

    “I’m too old to be sitting here worrying about if I’m going to get a chance to coach in the NHL again. I did not take the job in the KHL as a vehicle to get me back to the NHL. I know I can coach in the NHL, but there is no interest.”

  • Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun: Kings assistant coach John Stevens could become a hot commodity. Currently the Canucks, Hurricanes, Capitals and Panthers are looking for a coach.