NHL Rumors I: Coaching and Management – Sharks, Leafs, Canucks, Panthers and...

NHL Rumors I: Coaching and Management – Sharks, Leafs, Canucks, Panthers and Predators

  • Hope Smoke: Elliotte Friedman on if he thinks both Sharks GM Doug Wilson and head coach Todd McLellan will survive: “I don’t think so.” … “I would think that Wilson stays and there’s probably a change in coach.” … “McLellan is like Trotz. There will be a lot of interest. Obviously in Vancouver & don’t forget he was an assistant in Detroit when Shanahan was a player” … “I think if Nonis had his say Carlyle would be back next year. It’s tougher to tell with Shanahan.”
  • Hope Smoke: Ray Ferraro: “I don’t see any way that the Sharks can’t make sweeping change.” … “The reason it has to be management is because they’ve committed to Thornton & Marleau and they won’t trade Couture” … “Most likely scenario is McLellan goes and he won’t be without a job long” … “If you’re going to fire McLellan or Wilson you can’t be taking a chance on somebody. Better have a replacement ready to go” … “They are already far down the road in SJ. They need to win now
  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie: “If you’re the owner of the Sharks or Wilson you better be damn careful here.” … “For all talk about chokers, you name me a team that outside of winning a Cup or playing for a Cup have been as good as Sharks?” … “9 straight years of making the playoffs and only three 1st round exits, 4 2nd round exits & 3 conf final exits” … “What if firing the coach and breaking up the core in SJ moves you farther away from your goal of winning the Cup than closer?” … “I would venture that it’s 50/50. The moves may put you over the top or you may not be as good as you’ve been for the last 9 years”
  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie: “With Trotz available & McLellan potentially becoming available, I see them being recycled. Most think very highly of McLellan”
  • Hope Smoke: Ray Ferraro: “Tt’s more than fair to say that Trotz will have one of the open coaching jobs and, if fired, McLellan will get one”
  • David Pollak: Hearing that Todd McLellan is at the top of the Canucks want list, waiting to see what the Sharks will do.
  • Hope Smoke: Pierre LeBrun: “I haven’t spoken to anyone in Leafs front office but the delay in whether drastic moves happen or not was because Nonis going to Finland” … “Shanahan is also taking his time and the Leafs are waiting to see who will be available out.” … “In my opinion, if you’re the Leafs you need to make a decision on Carlyle within the next 7 days”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “Sooner rather than later a decision will be made on Carlyle. I think we’re looking at days not weeks before it happens” … “I have no sense which direction the Leafs will take with Carlyle but I think it depends on what candidates are available”
  • Hope Smoke: Panthers GM Dale Tallon said that he has targeted three guys of their vacant coaching position and added “it’s difficult to have somebody come in as a free agent if he doesn’t know who the coach is
  • Josh Cooper of the Tennessean: Barry Trotz said that he hasn’t interviewed for any coaching positions, but Predators GM David Poile has received phone calls from other teams regarding Trotz’s availability. Trotz is still an employee until June 30th when his contract expires. Teams need permission to speak with him.

    “It’s mostly noise right now, but David has reached out and said that there has been some teams just asking about me. I don’t know those specifics,” Trotz said. “I have not done any interviews and I didn’t expect to do any until the middle of May. It’s always about a month before the draft.”