NHL Rumors: Lightning, Oilers, Kings and Flames

NHL Rumors: Lightning, Oilers, Kings and Flames

Could the Edmonton Oilers be interested in Brian Boyle
On the Tampa Bay Lightning and Edmonton Oilers …

Joe Smith: Though it may nothing, Lightning GM Steve Yzerman and Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli spoke for awhile after their game on Friday. Could the Oilers use a big, versatile veteran like center Brian Boyle?

On the Los Angeles Kings …

Dennis Bernstein: Don’t see Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog in Los Angeles at this point in time.

On the Calgary Flames …

Aaron Vickers on NHL.com: The Flames play over the next couple weeks will determine what they could do at the deadline. Teams are talking to each other to try and get a handle on what they could be planning.

“There’s a lot of teams in the same predicament,” he said. “You’re talking with everybody and you’re getting a sense of what their plans are. What you’re finding right now is there’s a lot of people on parallel paths.

“It almost changes daily.

“You win a couple in a row and teams are saying they may be in the market to add. They lose a couple and here’s the players we may be moving come the deadline.

“What you need to have is the information, and really the game plan and the thoughts of what teams are trying to do and what opportunities that may create for yourself.

“I would say right now there’s probably, for the last couple weeks, there’s only two teams when you look at the standings, especially in the West, that are out of it or have said, ‘We’re preparing for next year and the future.'”


Treliving adds that the expansion draft in June also plays a role in what some teams might do.

“The expansion draft adds another layer to really all your player movement,” the GM said. “I think it’s going to play a part in some of the movements you see or don’t see at the trade deadline. Obviously when you get into protection lists and what you have today could be impacted by what you add or subtract come March 1.

“It’ll definitely play a part.”