News: Joe Thornton Loses His Captaincy

News: Joe Thornton Loses His Captaincy

  • David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury NewsJoe Thornton is no longer the captain of the San Jose Sharks, and they will start the season without one. Thornton spoke with head coach Todd McLellan yesterday, but Thornton found out later in the day through a reporter.

    “I talked with Todd today, and he never mentioned anything about captains or assistant captains,” said Thornton.

    McLellan also spoke with Patrick Marleau yesterday.

    “I’ve sat with them, they understand what we’re doing,” McLellan said. “We are going to have a fresh slate at training camp as far as leadership goes.”

    There have been rumors this summer that the Sharks were interested in trading either Thornton or Marleau. Both have no movement clauses in the three-year deals they signed last year.

  • David Pollak: Patrick Marleau on the Sharks “clean slate” approach: “I will do what I have always done — play hard, be professional on and off the ice. Lead by example. That is why I will be wearing a letter after training camp.”
  • David Pollak: Joe Thornton: “It’s a big honor and it’s a big responsibility so it’s a little strange when they take it away from you.”
  • Bruce Garrioch: “If the Sharks want to get rid of Joe Thornton just have the guts to do it.”