Conference call this morning, possible meeting tomorrow … A January 11th drop...

Conference call this morning, possible meeting tomorrow … A January 11th drop dead date? No realignment this year

  • Bill Daly:

    “In light of media reports this morning, I can confirm that we delivered to the Union a new, comprehensive proposal for a successor CBA late yesterday afternoon. We are not prepared to discuss the details of our proposal at this time. We are hopeful that once the Union’s staff and negotiating committee have had an opportunity to thoroughly review and consider our new proposal, they will share it with the players. We want to be back on the ice as soon as possible.”

  • Renaud Lavoie via twitter:  The goal is to have camps open on Jan. 11th and start the season on the 18th. Source said that if a deal can’t be done by the 11th, the season will be cancelled. Another source has said that the NHL has told the NHLPA that the 11th is the drop dead date.
  • John Shannon via twitter: The NHL did mention in their proposal that Jan. 19th is the last day to play a 48 game schedule.
  • Ben Kuzma via twitter: The NHLPA has told the players to not say anything on the specifics of the NHL’s offer.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: In the NHL’s offer, they proposed an “interview period” for unrestricted free agents. It looks like free agency could start on July 1st, with players not being able to sign until the 10th.
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The NHL could consider “tweaks” or “trades” in their proposal, but an overhaul won’t be taken well.
  • Rob Rossi via twitter: Sense from talking with some people: the NHL feels their offer is the basis for a deal. NHLPA not sold on many parts of the deal.
  • James Mirtle via twitter: Consensus from the players conference call yesterday is that the NHL didn’t move all that much in their new proposal, but it is enough to restart talks.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: There was talk on realignment for this season, with the Jets going to the central a the Red Wings or Blue Jackets going to the East, but an NHL executive has said that it’s “not being considered.” Daren Millard via twitter: Confirms that the Jets and Blue Jackets won’t be switching conferences this year if a deal gets done.