NHL Video: HC – Could the Leafs Trade Phaneuf? Sharks and Thornton

SportsNets Hockey Central Panel talks about the Maple Leafs possibly trading Dion Phaneuf at the draft and Sharks possibly trading Joe Thornton.

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  1. #1 by Tim L at June 21st, 2014

    As a loyal Shark’s fan I get booed a lot on the Sharks message boards for this: but I seriously think they need to Marleau and a straight exchange of Marleau for Phaneauf makes a lot of sense for both teams.

  2. #2 by GaryMagic at June 21st, 2014

    It makes sense for the Sharks, not much for the Leafs. Leafs have a problem defensively and getting rid of the guy who eats the most minutes for a forward and that is it is not the best option.

    Plus it’s not very often you see a superstar for superstar trade, it’s usually prize for package. Both teams would probably rather maximize their return by getting prospect, pick, and nhl ready player

  3. #3 by GaryMagic at June 21st, 2014

    That’s not to mention Marleau is 34 and is on the downside of his career. Phaneuf is 5 years younger and still in his prime. That would be a robbery for the Sharks to be honest

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