NHL Rumors VIII: Flyers, Hawks, Bruins, Stralman, Callahan, Cap Overages and the Caps

  • David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: Due to the Flyers cap situation, they may look at moving some players to be able to re-sign Brayden Schenn and possibly Steve Downie. Some trade options could be: Jakub Voracek (2-years at $4.25 million), Wayne Simmonds (5-years at $3.97 million), Braydon Coburn (2-years at $4.5 million), Luke Schenn (2-years at $3.6 million) and Nicklas Grossman (2-years at $3.5 million). The Blackhawks could have future salary cap concerns with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane needing contract extensions. Some players they could make available could include: Patrick Sharp (3-years at $5.9 million), Bryan Bickell (3-years at $4 million), Brent Seabrook (2-years at $5.8 million) and Niklas Hjalmarsson (5-years at $4.1 million). The Bruins could have some cap issues and may look to move some bodies out. Trade chips could be: Brad Marchand (3-years at $4.5 million), Chris Kelly (2-years at $3 million) and Johnny Boychuk (1-year at $3.3 million).
  • Jason Gregor: Ray Ferraro: “Stralman is a solid #4, but I think he is a candidate to be grossly overpaid. He had 1 goal. He won’t bring much offence.”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “If the numbers are even close to what he wanted to stay as Captain in NY, up around that $5 plus – $6 plus range” … “I can’t imagine that TB would invest that $. Not that they wouldn’t want to. Lots of interest in Callahan around the league” … “Callahan’s a useful player & character guy and he’s not going to have too much trouble finding a job” … “Callahan has to come down a bit [in salary demands] and I believe he will”
  • Cap Geek: Estimating bonus overages: Bruins at $3.7 million, Red Wings at $3 million and the Devils at $3 million. James Mirtle: Heard the Red Wings overages may be around $3.2 million.
  • Adam Vingan: The Captials see Braden Holtby as their starter next season and having Philipp Grubauer start in the AHL.
  • Andrew Gross: The Rangers say they have no players who will be schedule for offseason surgery as of now.
  • John Shannon: Expect there to be two outdoor games next season, with one being in Washington.

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  1. #1 by Jeff at June 17th, 2014

    Holtby KILLED me in fantasy hockey this past season. I wasted a valuable “Keeper” spot on him. #HateHard

  2. #2 by Ross at June 17th, 2014

    stop posting stuff from David Staples, this guy is out to lunch. He earlier suggested the Jets should consider Kane straight up for Yakapov and now to suggest the Flyers would consider moving Voracek or Simmonds when both have very reasonable contracts!! not a chance!!

  3. #3 by Shane at June 17th, 2014

    Spot on Ross… 29 other teams would scoop up Voracek OR Simmonds contracts in a heartbeat!

  4. #4 by Jeff at June 17th, 2014

    100% Agree.

  5. #5 by Jim at June 17th, 2014

    The Blackhawks need to clear space, so I guess they’ll trade the most reasonable cap hit in the entire league (Hjalmarsson) to alleviate it.

    I now know that I never have to take anything David Staples says seriously again.

    What a moron.

  6. #6 by Todd at June 18th, 2014

    Hawks sources have literally said flat out that Bollig and Hjalmarsson aren’t even potentially on the table. David Staples must just be playing armchair GM without even thinking anything through.

  7. #7 by Mark at June 18th, 2014

    LOL…Giving up Voracek or Simmonds. I would actually consider Voracek in a package for one person, Shea Weber.

    So those guys are movable, but we need to keep Schenn and DOWNIE?!?! Did you watch any games this season? Schenn just doesn’t have the heart we need, he can be good though. When he wants to be.

    Downie was horrendous. He didn’t look like he belonged in the league.

    If you do watch all the games, I’ll bet you’re the type of guy who loves Braydon Coburn right?

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