Bruins Shawn Thornton Will Be Appealing His 15 Game Suspension

  • Stephen Whyno: Shawn Thornton’s agent confirms that he’ll be appealing the 15 games suspension.
  • Eric Macramalla: “NHLPA likely felt strategically was a good idea to appeal even though their case is not strong; need to show fight while seeking precedent” … “And yes neutral arbitrator has wide discretion including increasing length of suspension (although highly unlikely)” … “This wasn’t just Shanahan’s suspension;was league suspension given complexity of case/legal implications; so unlikely Bettman will reduce.”
  • John Shannon: “So…here’s one for you…NHLPA say the Neutral Arbitrator cannot increase Thornton’s suspension…and the NHL says he can increase it.”
  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie on TSN Radio: ”Thorton’s reps can bring up the Walker on Ward & Emery on Holtby incidents in appeal. Both players weren’t suspended.”
  • 67Sound: “McKenzie is absolutely right. This is where the NHL’s hypocrisy on unwilling combatants comes back to bite them.” … “Basically Thornton combined into one nasty package a bunch of scummy things the NHL has looked the other way for individually.”
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