VIDEO: Hurricanes Kevin Westgarth To Have Disciplinary Hearing

Nick Kypreos: Hurricanes Kevin Westgarth will have a hearing tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM for his hit on Senators Mark Borowieki.

Do you think Westgarth SHOULD get suspended? Do you think he WILL get suspended? How many games?

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  1. #1 by Josh at November 25th, 2013

    Hockey gods getting revenge for the dirty hit on Jared boll not that long ago

  2. #2 by Fubar at November 25th, 2013

    Guy knew what he was doing, extra knee in the push. There is no respect in the game anymore. This guy is the mini version of john Scott. 3 games at least. Should be 5. Does anyone know if this is an in person hearing?

  3. #3 by James at November 25th, 2013

    Wish they’d stop handing out these Mickey Mouse suspensions. Start giving these guys 20+ games and maybe, just maybe they’ll think twice about hitting guys like that. This is getting ridiculous.

  4. #4 by Joseph at November 25th, 2013

    Ban him for a couple of games. I’m a Canes fan, so this works two-fold. One, it was a despicable hit, and he should’ve gotten a major. Two, it’ll keep Muller from inexplicably dressing one of the most useless players in the league.

  5. #5 by B's Forever at November 25th, 2013

    Agreed with James. I think he’ll get 6-8 though.

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