League Won’t Step In On Varlamov Situation Just Yet … Accusers Interview Translated

  • Pierre LeBrun: Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly on if the league would get involved with the Semyon Varlamov situation:  ”At this point, we are monitoring the developing legal situation and do not intend to intervene in that process. There may come a point in time where we feel it is either necessary or appropriate to take a different approach, but that’s not where we are right now. We are and will remain in close contact with the Club, and will see how the underlying facts unfold.”
  • Slava Malamud: ”Varlamov case has no political plot. US a democratic country w/ a good justice system. Let’s wait for the results” – RUS Minister of Sports.
  • Vsevoled Pulya and Daniel Petty in the Denver Post: Translation of Varlamov’s accusers interview.

    Interpreter: Please tell us how this happened.

    Evgeniya Vavrinyuk: It happened on Tuesday at 6 a.m. My boyfriend came home drunk and acting strange and rushed at me with the intention of beating me. He grabbed my hands and twisted me. When I tried to close the door to the room and get him out of the room, he kicked me in the chest with his leg. Twice I fell on the ground and it hurt me a lot. After that we had a small fight between the kitchen and the lobby. At this moment he was laughing and it seemed like he didn’t understand what he was actually doing. And he was very drunk.

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