Free Agent Hits: Murray, Selanne and Boyle

  • Jim Jamieson of the Vancouver Province: Douglas Murray’s agent said the Canucks are kicking tires on the defenseman.

    “We’ve talked to them off and on all summer,” said player agent Anton Thun. “At this point we’re not close to signing. There are a group of clubs that have interest, so it comes down to the right circumstances and the right dollars. At this point in time there’s a gridlock in terms of cap space and money availability with a number of clubs. Until some of that shakes out and the dominoes start to fall, I think the market is going to be tight. Whenever that starts to shake out, we’ll react accordingly as to what might be the right place.”

    Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman has said they are looking for an NHL-calibre defenseman.

    “We are looking to add another NHL calibre defenceman to our group and have had discussions with numerous agents regarding various players currently available in the market,” Gilman said in a text message.

  • Curtis Zupke: Teemu Selanne is back in SoCal. No decision on his playing future yet.
  • Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area: The agent for Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle said yesterday that the sides have discussed a potential contract extension. Boyle (37) would like to remain with the Sharks and feels he can be effective until the age of 40. Boyle will be free agent after next season, is looking for a two or three-year deal. Sharks GM Doug Wilson,

    “We don’t talk about negotiations publicly. Have we had discussions with [them]? Yes. Will we have discussions going forward? The answer is yes.”

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