Jets Re-sign Zach Bogosian To A Seven-Year Deal

The Winnipeg Jets have signed restricted free agent defenseman, Zach Bogosian to a seven-year contract worth $36 million. The deal carries a $5,142,857 cap hit.

Bogosian was drafted 3rd overall in 2008 by the Atlanta Thrashers.

Tim Wharnsby: Salary breakdown: $4 million, $4 million, $5.25 million, $5.25 million, $5.5 million, $6 million and $6 million.

What do you think of the deal?


  1. #1 by b fraz at July 29th, 2013

    Not worth that, not even a dedicated nhl player

  2. #2 by harry at July 29th, 2013

    what r u saying???^

  3. #3 by tiedummy at July 29th, 2013

    they got this guy real cheap..a fearless competetior who can skate and hit..will be on team usa qnd will be a standout..Christ look who he is playing with the last few a 7 a year man in 2 years.. better then PK

  4. #4 by harry at July 30th, 2013

    i still dont get the not even dedicated comment

  5. #5 by brock at July 31st, 2013

    He is a young, and very skilled player, him and trouba will be a top pair in the nhl soon enough. Great signing. Fraz had no idea what he’s talking about

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