Penguins Hits: Letang offer/counter-offer, Kunitz deal, Dupuis, Cooke and Orpik

10:57 PM:

  • Rob Rossi: Letang is seeking $7.5 million annually.

10:25 PM:

  • Will DePaoli: Letang’s camp countered with 8-years, $62.5 million with a full no-trade clause. ($7,812,500 salary cap hit)

10:02 PM:

  • Pierre LeBrun: LeBrun is hearing that Letang will be turning down the Penguins offer. Whether there will be more contract talks or if the Penguins put Letand on the trade market remains to be seen. Letang’s camp countered with a long-term deal at more than $7.5 million and less than $8 million. The Penguins said it was too high.

9:35 PM:

  • Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: The Penguins have offered defenseman Kris Letang an 8-year, $54 million deal. The Penguins have a little wiggle room left and hope to get a response or counter offer by the weekend according to sources. The Pens don’t want to start the free agent period next week without having Letang’s future resolved. They may be willing to go slightly over $7 million. Source said that if they were to trade Letang, they would want a NHL player, a top prospect and a 1st round pick. They are intrigued by prospects with the Ducks and Canucks.

    The Penguins signed Chris Kunitzto a 3-year, $11.55 million deal, a $3.85 million cap hit.

    The Pens have sent Pascal Dupuis and Matt Cooke contract proposals.

    Brooks Orpik has 1-year left on his deal and GM Ray Shero will try to re-sign him. He has a $3.75 million cap hit.

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  1. #1 by Jose at June 27th, 2013

    Hmm, where have I heard this song before? Oh yeah, Staal last summer. Why would the Pens leak this if they had no intentions on moving him? Or maybe Rossi is just making up crap, which is entirely possible.

  2. #2 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    Allen, first round pick, and souray plus friberg for Letang and 3rd rounder. Sounds alright. They’ll buyout Allen and possibly souray with there 2 buyouts and keep 1st rounder and friberg as return for Letang wanting a lot of money

  3. #3 by Jose at June 27th, 2013

    That’s an awful proposal. Sorry, it is. The deal starts with Sbisa and a 1st. Shero isn’t going to trade Letang for 2 buyouts, a 1st and a prospect. You have to offer up something that is worth more than a year of Letang to get Shero to move him. That isn’t.

  4. #4 by Leaf_Fan at June 27th, 2013

    letang to leafs for grabo, bozak rights, and a 2nd

  5. #5 by hotwings at June 27th, 2013

    im not sure how much bozak’s rights are worth at this point… you got a lot of #2 and #3 centres floating around out there… hopefully bozak comes to his senses and accepts something like 3.5 mil…

  6. #6 by Jose at June 27th, 2013

    That Leafs offer is even worse! Pens DON’T have to trade Letang. They can just pull a Parise or Sutter with him and ride him out until next year. They aren’t going to trade him for these **** packages.

  7. #7 by hotwings at June 27th, 2013

    ya, they might be wise to hang on to letang until next year… and hopefully they have a better idea of what the cap will be going forward.. i dont see why they have to rush this

  8. #8 by Jeff at June 27th, 2013

    I love Letang…but if he wants more than 7m per, I’d trade him to the highest bidder on Sunday. I bet TB would package #3 and other pieces for him..

  9. #9 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    True, I agree it’s a crazy offer but in all reality it’s plausible, GMs tend to jump the gun sometimes and make bad trades. It happens, always worth a try

  10. #10 by Jose at June 27th, 2013

    Shero never jumps the gun. He’s the best trading GM in the league. He never loses a deal. He’ll look at it not as in will it be better than Letang in the future, but will it help the team now. It’s either take a shot at the cup with Letang and lose him for nothing or dump him most likely for prospects. I think he’d do the 1st.

  11. #11 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    I think that he failed with morrow, iginla, and Murray. So maybe that will teach him to try and take his time now because he’s out prospects, picks, and he is gonna lose those players

  12. #12 by Jose at June 27th, 2013

    Murray actually turned out to be a solid deal for us, and only cost us a 2nd round pick (we aren’t re-signing him sadly). Morrow deal was HORRIBLE. Iginla deal, while Iggy didn’t do much, we didn’t give up that much. Decent deal. I can see why you would say that though.

  13. #13 by hotwings at June 27th, 2013

    the iginla/morrow/murray deals were not that bad… the team loaded up because they were one of the top favorites to win the cup.. the losses in those trades were minor. even their first round pick was what, 29th?… not a big deal.

  14. #14 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    I only say that because you gave up a fair bit and got 3 rental players that you’ll never see again. No cup. Waste.

  15. #15 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    Even a 29th pick can turn into something really good. Take a look a players like Marchand- 3rd rounder, plenty of grade A goalies taken in rounds 3-7, wasting a chance at players like these are big problems, you also lost 2nd rounders.

  16. #16 by Ducky at June 27th, 2013

    Unless you win the cup while loading up it’s a waste for not resigning them.

  17. #17 by Daniel at June 28th, 2013

    I definitely think it starts with a first rounder and Sbisa. Possibly throw in raskell or holland to finish off the trade. As much as I’d hate to give up a first rounder in this deep of a draft and strengthen our prospect pool even more, Getting a top end Dman to go with Fowler and Beauchimin would be a nice add. Biggest issue of the trade would be the extension Letang is supposedly asking for.

  18. #18 by Ducky at June 28th, 2013

    That’s where trading cap over comes in, Allen and souray

  19. #19 by hotwings at June 28th, 2013

    if you don’t win the cup, its not a waste to load up… sorry, but thats the way things work — its never an automatic win, just because you load up and you can’t blame management for being “wasteful” just because they did their job and brought some missing pieces in.

  20. #20 by NB at June 28th, 2013

    I think Letang want out of Pens organization, the guy wants to be a star and he can’t be one with Crosby and Malkin on the team. Once the leafs trade the 30min pylon he’ll take his place.

  21. #21 by Daniel at June 28th, 2013

    I still so not believe that the Pens would want both Allen and Sourey just to buy them out. Plus Ducks can’t give up 3 dmen for 1. I say we trade for 1st round, prospect, and Sbisa for Letang.. Then trade Bobby Ryan for a high draft pick and a player/ prospect. I don’t believe Ducks will be able to resign Ryan so should get some thing in return.

  22. #22 by Jose at June 28th, 2013

    That’s actually probably what it would be. I think the Pens would push REALLY hard for Gibson, seeing their goaltending issues and how he’s from Pittsburgh. Sbisa, Gibson and a 1st is fair.

  23. #23 by Daniel at June 28th, 2013

    Yeah but I really doubt Ducks would give up Gibson. They basically have made sure Gibson will be goalie in two years. Hiller contract ends after this upcoming year and Fasth year after. I know Pens need Goalie help. I just don’t see Ducks giving up Gibson

  24. #24 by pensarmy at June 29th, 2013

    any one think that shero could get the avs #1 pick for Letang? it was only a week ago that they were taking jones….. or maybe matt duchane. don’t for get shero can eat some salary. ALSO why doesn’t shero buy out Martin and his 5m or even orpik, then they could sign letang. Personaly I think having 7M in cap space is also very smat. with Poulloit and Oli Matti on there way up. I say trade him keep the cap space and go after Brier he can play both C/W

  25. #25 by pensarmy at June 29th, 2013


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